Boston Ballet Partnership

Northeastern and Boston Ballet Partnership is on Pointe 


"It will give us career transition moving forward when our days on the stage come to an end."

- Shelby Elsbree

Boston Ballet Dancer 

Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies and Boston Ballet have a lot in common. They are both ambitious, hardworking and extremely flexible—making the two perfect partners. The two organizations recently partnered to provide dancers the opportunity to earn bachelor’s or advanced degrees while continuing their demanding practice and performance schedule.

The goal? To help them prepare for life after their all-too-short dance careers.

Professional ballet dancers are at the top of their profession in their 20s and early 30s, but when it’s time to retire at the ripe age of 35 or 36, most dancers don’t have a Plan B. Through the Northeastern partnership, dancers enroll in a degree program and take courses online, on campus or at the Ballet’s Clarendon Street location. Tuition discounts and scholarships make the degree programs affordable and accessible, and dancers choose from a wide selection of degree programs.