About Us

Keeping the Workforce One Step Ahead—with Education 

Our goal is clear: The Lowell Institute School is the first school of its kind in the country – delivering science, technology, engineering, and business bachelor's degree-completion programs for students with two years of college credit or an associate degree, and who aspire to a bachelor's degree.

When A. Lawrence Lowell created the Lowell Institute School for Industrial Foremen in 1903, the idea was daring, but practical. It was bringing essential knowledge and opportunity to the people doing the hands-on work of the new century.

Now, a century later, we're proposing a new chapter in that same daring and practical spirit.

We focus our offerings on upper-level classes. It's a practical solution for our students already with some college credits to finish a bachelor’s degree.

Lowell Institute School students are busy and enterprising. And they're perfectly ready to be our modern-day problem-solvers.

Continuing to innovate

We want to make sure our students can finish what they started. It's why we're home to the Lowell Institute School Innovation Incubator, dedicated to developing new teaching methods that work and engage at the same time.

We're looking to develop novel teaching methods, from online laboratories to gamification. We'll test these new methods and share our research with the rest of the nation.

Northeastern University was recently awarded $3.9 million from the U.S. Department of Education. We're using it to fund this lab and make sure our students—and others around the country—learn and graduate on time and job-ready.

Northeastern has partnered with General Electric in new federal education innovation program 

Northeastern was one of only eight colleges and universities selected for a new federal initiative focused on building unique partnerships that lead to innovation in higher education as well as increased job readiness and more robust talent pipelines for industry. Northeastern partnered with General Electric to launch an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Advanced Manufacturing Systems program. The program, which launched in Fall 2017, is believed to be the first of its kind in the nation—combining the global leadership of Northeastern in experiential education and GE in manufacturing. Read more...