Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

- Expand a Network of CPS Peers and Create a Community -

  • You spend more time with your friends
  • You know more about your friends
  • You can help your friends by recognizing them, sharing about them with us, and connecting them with more opportunities
  • You can help us expand the network of CPS students and build a strong community
  • You will become a person who is recognized as a helpful and resourceful individual by sharing about your friends with us

Do you have anything to say about your friends? Talk to us! Tell us about your friends!

Who are your friends?

  • Somebody who has an inspirational story to share
  • Somebody who has been working so hard and continuously learning and growing
  • Somebody you think deserves recognitions and has potential to develop more

What would happen after you send this recommendation to us?

  • Your friends may be selected as a guest speaker for our monthly Mentor Check-In
  • Your friends may be selected as the next Mentor Spotlight in our Peer Mentoring Program website
  • Your friends may be selected as one of the mentors for the Open Mentorship*
  • Your friends may be invited to any further events related to our Peer Mentoring Program

How can you share your friends with us?

Click here to access a recommendation form, and e-mail this form to Jaclyn Giannakoulis, Career and Academic Specialist, at

Please copy and paste this subject in your e-mail:

Refer a Friend

For more information, please reach out to Jaclyn Giannakoulis at