Job Opportunities

BS Information Technology/ MS Computer Science PlusOne




Job Opportunities

Getting your degree in Information Technology can lead to better jobs, better pay, and a brighter future. With a number of opportunities for candidates with high demand skills, these job descriptions are examples of jobs that may be available to you after receiving a BS Information Technology.

Computer Systems Analyst: $59,748

They analyze existing computing solutions within an organization and help increase efficiency. They can 'translate' to the IT department what the managers of a company want in order to make that company more efficient. By and large, analysts research, design, and implement computer system solutions that help businesses thrive. 

Web Developer: $53,360

In a nut shell web developers are software engineers that create appllcatlons that are specifically used on the Internet. They must have an understanding of new technologies and ways to use these technologies In Innovative ways. Developers must have knowledge of themselves on the newest software and Ideas that are available. 

Systems Analyst: $59,748

A systems analyst creates plans for the integration of computer systems. Their main goal is always the maximization of an organization's investment in staff, hardware, software, and processes. A systems analyst uses information, structured analysis. cost-benefit analysis, and data modeling, among other methods. 

Systems Administrator: $59,081

A systems administrator maintains, operates, administers and supports servers, operating systems and systems software.

Software Developer: $65,374

If you think you would enjoy creating games, computer programs, or operating systems, this may be the career for you! Software development Is a good field for people who are creative, work well with others, and have knowledge of and a passion for computers and technology

Database Administrator: $70,477

A database administrator installs and provides support for a company's computer system. The computer system Is first designed by them to flt the specific organization.  These specialists can be found working in large and small corporations as well as government entities. They develop and Implement database monitoring, performance, capacity and expansion strategies. They install, configure, upgrade, monitor and perform maintenance on databases. They are always analyzing data to determine the effectiveness of the system design for users.

Network Administrator: $60,649

Networks may be as simple as a few peer-to-peer connections between user workstations or may encompass hundreds or even thousands of computers centrally managed through the use of server technology. 
Network administrators are responsible for the management and maintenance of both the software and hardware Infrastructure of a computer network system such as a LAN (local area network) or a WAN (wide area network). 

Information Security Analyst: $68,783

Information security analysts are an Integral part of protecting an organization's networks and systems. As cyberattacks and vandalism grow and evolve, so too does the responsibility and need for Information security analysts. These Individuals are skilled In both hardware and software. Their primary focus resides In managing an organization's security measures, assessing It for weaknesses, and fixing any Issues that could cause a potential gap in security hole.

Business Analyst: $62,541

At a high level, a Business Analyst translates business goals and objectives Into deliverables. In practice, they often dellver business cases and requirements for projects. 

Network Engineer: $71, 168

A network engineer develops designs, develops and Implements network Infrastructure. 


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