Information Security Management

Location: Boston

Why Information Security Management?

The Information Security Management Graduate Certificate provides a conceptual and practical overview of Information Security Management, preparing students to further excel in the field.

Information security is a management issue with global business implications. To succeed in today's network economy requires more than simply a focus on information technology (IT) issues. Succeeding also requires a focus on security strategy and management. IT security governance is an overarching consideration in all risk assessment and management related endeavors and is important for information security since many issues have legal, regulatory, policy, and ethical considerations. The associated risks of business today must be clearly understood and managed. 

The Information Security Management Graduate Certificate offers students a conceptual and practical overview of Information Security Management. It begins with an overview of key information security management issues and principles. It presents security governance challenges including the policy, law, regulatory, and ethical accountability frameworks that information security risk managers must work within.

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Unique Features

  • Program includes review courses that prepare students for the CISSP and CISA exams
  • Courses from this certificate can be applied towards Northeastern's MPS in Informatics or MS in Project Management
  • Boston location on flagship campus; a hub for technology, healthcare, education, finance, business, biotechnology, and the life sciences

What you'll study

General Requirements

Graduate Certificate in Information Security Management General Requirements
ITC 6305 - IT Infrastructure (Systems, Networks, Telecom)
ITC 6310 - Information Security Governance
ITC 6315 - Information Security Risk Management
ITC 6320 - Information Security Technology

Information Security Management Electives

Complete two of the following:

ITC 6325 - CISA Preparation
ITC 6330 - CISSP Preparation
MIS 6082 - Network Protection
MIS 6080 - Network Security Concepts

Did You Know?

A graduate certificate can boost your earnings by an average of 25% (Washington Post, 2012).

Did You Know?

Certificates are the fastest-growing form of post-secondary credentials in the United States (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012).

Average Time to Completion

1-1.5 Years



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