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Why Program and Portfolio Management?

Northeastern University's Graduate Certificate in Program and Portfolio Management is designed to prepare individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to effectively manage project-based programs and portfolios.

The increasingly important role of program and portfolio managers is clear as we see more companies orienting their work in a projectized fashion. Not only are companies seeking to projectize their workflow, but they are seeking to better align projects with the strategic direction of the company and industry. Program and portfolio managers need to be able to evidence the strategic value that projects are accomplishing and can continue to accomplish in their organizational context. The need for organizations to coordinate their related projects into programs and to seek to understand the value of their work through the lens of a portfolio is recognized throughout all industry sectors. This has been made clear through the creation of advanced industry certifications, such as the Program Management Professional (PgMP®) and the Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP®) credential by the Project Management Institute. 

This concentration requires a minimum of three years of full-time project management work experience. You must be able to articulate your role leading a team and creating key project life cycle deliverables from project initiation through closeout.

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    Career Outlook

    The increasingly important role of program and portfolio managers is becoming clear as companies orient more and more of their work in a projectized fashion. The Program and Portfolio Management Certificate can help you learn essential technical project management principles like planning, scheduling, and handling change, as well as how to apply them through real-world case studies and projects. Roles or careers for which the degree offers preparation are illustrated by these positions posted on

    • Program Manager
    • Portfolio Manager
    • Senior Project Manager
    • PMO Professional
    • Project Governance Professional
    • EPMO Project Manager Specialist
    • Project Director
    • Senior Program Manager
    • Chief Project Officer

    What you'll study

    General Requirements

    Graduate Certificate in Program and Portfolio Management General Requirements
    PJM 6710 - Introduction to Program and Portfolio Management
    PJM 6715 - Advanced Program Management
    PJM 6720 - Advanced Portfolio Management
    PJM 6725 - Program and Portfolio Leadership
    PJM 6730 - Program and Portfolio Evaluation
    PJM 6735 - Program and Portfolio Management Capstone

    This program requires successful completion of a minimum of 18 credit hours that meet the degree requirements.

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    Did You Know?

    Only 61% of companies surveyed by PMI in 2015 reported providing any type of training on PM tools and techniques (down from 65% in 2011). 

    Average Time to Completion

    1-1.5 Years



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    Meets F-1 Visa Requirements