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Why Special Education?

The Master of Education in Special Education allows licensed educators to enhance their professional portfolios and gain experience teaching and supporting students with specialized learning needs.

Adding special education to your professional portfolio opens doors to working with new groups of students in meaningful ways. The Master of Education in Special Education degree program will prepare you to anticipate and meet the needs of a broad range of students with specialized learning needs.

This program is designed for teachers or aspiring teachers who have already earned an initial license as an elementary or secondary teacher and want to help children with a broad range of learning needs reach their full potential. Your fellow students are professional and aspiring teachers who share a passion to deepen their knowledge of educational theory and practice, while learning the latest ways to improve special education.

The Master of Education in Special Education degree meets the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education standards and competencies for initial licensure as a teacher of students with moderate disabilities, pre-K-8 and 5-12.

More Details

Unique Features

  • Curriculum emphasizes experiential learning and real-world application of theory
  • Students create an ePortfolio to document their progress toward program and professional goals and illustrate their distinct abilities to employers
  • Benefit from an international network to leverage personally and professionally
  • Online, interactive program allows for flexibility for working professionals

Program Objectives

  • Hone the skills and disposition to educate and inspire children with specialized learning needs
  • Develop a conceptual framework to effectively advocate for the educational rights of all children
  • Examine the impact of local, national, and global changes on policy and practice for special education
  • Learn to develop Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for the broad and varied range of student learning and behavioral style

What you'll study

General Requirements

Master of Education in Special Education General Requirements
EDU 6050 - Education as an Advanced Field of Study
EDU 6051 - Culture, Equity, Power, and Influence

Concentration in Special Education

Required Courses

EDU 6425 - Special Education: Role of Special Educators in an Inclusive School
EDU 6426 - Developmental Language, Literacy, and Writing: Assessment and Instruction
EDU 6438 - Teachers as Curriculum Leaders
EDU 6528 - Adaptive Learning/Behavior Management Strategies: Consultation and Collaboration
EDU 6569 - Differentiated Instruction and Assessment in Mathematics
EDU 6874 - Practicum, Portfolio, and Panel Review
0.00 - 4.00


Complete 12 quarter hours from the following:

EDU 6185 - English-Language Learners in the General Education Classroom
EDU 6429 - Variations in Child and Adolescent Development
EDU 6437 - Assessment in Education
EDU 6465 - Critical and Creative Thinking
EDU 6520 - Learning and the Brain: Translating Research into Practice
EDU 6558 - Issues in Education
1.00 - 4.00
EDU 6184 - Interdisciplinary Foundations

This program requires successful completion of a minimum of 45 credit hours that meet the degree requirements.

Did You Know?

Projected demand for Special Education Teachers in Massachusetts is expected to grow 20% by 2020. 


The Master of Education program has three concentrations, so students can choose courses that are highly tailored and relevant to their professional goals. 

Average Time to Completion

1.5-2 Years



Entry Terms


Meets F-1 Visa Requirements