About the Center

The Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy (CFHETS) is an applied research center that builds on Northeastern University’s heritage of more than a century of leadership in experiential learning and its network of more than 3,300 employer partners.

Drawing on the expertise of Northeastern faculty and affiliated industry-based scholars, CFHETS’ analysis focuses on bringing the voice and perspective of employers into the higher education community, while also serving as a research-based academic voice and resource in the world of corporate learning and talent strategy. The center is also a leader in developing and testing next generation models for employer-university collaboration.


By studying trends and pioneering and testing next-generation learning models, we seek to improve and optimize the interaction between the postsecondary education system and employers – thus improving outcomes for students, institutions, and the economy and society at large.

Core Research Areas 

CFHETS’ work embraces the notion that learning happens everywhere – and that in today’s globalized knowledge economy, the boundaries are increasingly blurring between structured learning that occurs in educational institutions and learning that occurs in the workplace.

The scope of our research stretches beyond topics such as skill demands and student career preparation – to crucially also include the full scope of lifelong and on-the-job learning that is occurring in the market for experienced talent. The center’s analytical lens is also distinguished by a focus on the educational models, business models, and strategic impacts for educational systems and employers.

CFHETS’ research revolves around 5 core thematic areas:

The center’s research output manifests itself in projects with commercial employers and higher education institutions; published research reports, articles, and public speaking; consulting engagements; and implementation, technology, and policy projects. The center’s research is also integrated with and supports the educational offerings of Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies and its Graduate School of Education.

CFHETS’ interdisciplinary approach and position within one of the nation’s top-ranked and most innovative research universities provides it with an unparalleled array of academic assets to conduct research and develop solutions at the intersection of higher education and talent strategy.

Team Members

Sean Gallagher, EdD
Executive Director, Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy, Northeastern University

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Kevin Coombs
Associate Director, Survey Research & Data Analytics
Northeastern University

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Yvonne Rogers
Senior Director, Industry Engagement Strategy
Northeastern University

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Industry Fellows

David  Leaser
Senior Program Executive, Innovation and Growth Initiatives

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Natalie Van Kleef Conley
Senior Program Manager
Grow With Google

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Affiliated Faculty and Administrators

Kemi Jona, PhD
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Digital Innovation & Enterprise Learning,
Northeastern University

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Lloyd Armstrong, Jr., PhD
University Professor and Provost Emeritus
University of Southern California

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Tova Olsen Sanders, EdD
Associate Teaching Professor,
Northeastern University

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Rashid Mosley, EdD
Associate Teaching Professor,
Northeastern University

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Amanda Welsh, PhD
Professor of the Practice,
Northeastern University

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Nikki James, EdD
Chief Learning Scientist,

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