Doctor of Education Advanced Graduate Credit

Applicants to the Doctor of Education program may submit previously completed graduate or doctoral level coursework for review by the college to be counted toward the program’s elective course requirement. This graduate or doctoral level coursework may be reviewed and awarded as “Advanced Graduate Credit” that can apply toward an admitted student’s elective coursework.

Advanced Graduate Credit Process

Advanced graduate credit process takes 4—6 weeks after all transcripts and syllabi have been received. The award letter will include the number of quarter hours accepted of your previously earned credits.

To start the advanced graduate credit process

  1. Complete your application and be sure to indicate that you plan to submit advance graduate credits for review on your application. Please note, the advanced graduate credit evaluation process will not begin until your application for admission is complete and when we’ve received all your transfer credit documents. 
  2. Request materials for your application for admission AND your advanced graduate credit evaluation.
  3. Submit the Advanced Graduate Credit Petition Form and syllabi including course descriptions to [email protected].

We award advanced graduate credits for courses taken at regionally and programmatically accredited institutions. Official transcripts will need to be sent directly to the Office of Admissions at the time of application submission. All advanced graduate credit petitions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the graduate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs, and/or designee.

Advanced Graduate Credit Policies

Students receive credit awards for courses that are relevant to the program of study. They may be applied only toward elective credits required by the program.

A maximum of 9 quarter hours of credit obtained at another institution may be awarded as Advanced Graduate Credit IF the credits: 

Credit not typically applicable includes:

Advanced Graduate Credit Petition Form

*Please note, upon being awarded 9 quarter hours of transfer credit through this process, many students are left with a quarter at the end of their coursework with only one course left to take in the term. This can interfere with receipt of aid, given that one course will not qualify a student for financial aid.  Financial aid recipients will need to consult with a financial aid advisor in advance to see if excess refund amounts from previous terms may be used to cover tuition for the last course.