Quincy College and Northeastern University Create a Pathway for Bachelor’s Degree Completion

Offering a Streamlined Route to STEM Degrees

Quincy College and Northeastern University College of Professional Studies announced today that Quincy College graduates will be able to make a seamless transition into Northeastern University College of Professional Studies after earning their associate degree to complete their bachelor’s degree. Through this new partnership, via the newly negotiated articulation agreement, courses covered by the agreement taken at Quincy College count toward the bachelor's degree just as if they had been taken at the four-year university.  

This general articulation agreement supports all Quincy College majors providing a streamlined pathway to bachelor’s degree completion in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and health-related fields. Under this agreement, Quincy College students must graduate with a strong academic record to attend the Northeastern University College of Professional Studies. Program-specific articulation will be developed this spring.

Quincy College and Northeastern University as separate institutions have developed curricula and programs working to fill the growing need for skilled workers in the STEM fields, particularly in Massachusetts. In addition, Quincy College has made capital investments of new laboratory space to support STEM skill development. Together, Quincy College and Northeastern University's Lowell Institute School will provide a simplified, streamlined, and innovative pathway from an associate degree at Quincy College to a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University. 

The partnership developed after both institutions recognized a local need for a pathway for bachelor's degree completion that is affordable, flexible, and approachable. This partnership can benefit a wide student population from older students returning to the classroom to take advantage of tuition remission offered by their employer to rising high school seniors looking to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Quincy College graduates can capitalize on the full resources of Northeastern University, benefiting from a world-class education.  

“Given the shifts in the regional and national economy toward the innovation fields, completing a bachelor’s degree is more important than ever,” said John LaBrie, Dean, Northeastern University College of Professional Studies. “Partnering with Quincy College with its track record for educating students for work and life offers a new opportunity for the educational and career advancement of our students.”

Quincy College's Dean of Online Learning & Inter-Institutional Affairs, Dr. Michael Marrapodi, added: "Northeastern University Lowell Institute School, as part of the College of Professional Studies, closely aligns with Quincy College's mission. As an open access institution that encourages academic achievement and excellence, diversity, economic opportunity, community involvement, and lifelong learning, Quincy College is pleased to facilitate valuable learning relationships and partnerships with local colleges and universities to help our students realize their educational and professional futures."