Research, Innovation, Scholarship, Entrepreneurship Showcase

RISE participants

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo and Award

Students, faculty, staff and industry leaders will come together on April 9, 2020 for the RISE (Research, Innovation, Scholarship, Entrepreneurship) Expo to celebrate innovation in multidisciplinary student research projects. Students will have opportunities to showcase their work and connect with potential employers or investors, in addition to eligibility for financial prizes. 

This year, there is a new College of Professional Studies Resiliency and Sustainability Focus award specifically for College of Professional Studies students. This award recognizes one undergraduate and one graduate student or team whose projects best apply research and communication to an important resiliency and sustainability topic. To apply, students need to write a letter of intent describing how their submission aligns with this theme, and they must be in good standing to participate. Required materials include a research abstract summarizing the project, and a poster that provides a visual representation of the work. Remote participation is welcome to compete for this award.

A vital part of preparation for the expo is Hitting Your Target pitch training, which helps all applicants develop more powerful presentations regardless of their level of experience. 

Key dates for Hitting Your Target and other deadlines are:

February 20: Research abstracts due 
March 11: Hitting Your Target pitch questionnaire due
March 17: Hitting Your Target video draft due
March 18: Hitting Your Target video pitch conference call
March 19: Project posters due
March 27: Focus Awards form due
March 31: Hitting Your Target live training 

“It’s one more piece to their experience; it’s one more way to show what they have done, and what they’re capable of doing,” says Darin Detwiler, Assistant Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs. “For these students, this is where the real world begins. Out there in the world, they’re networking; they’re really putting themselves out there, showing off what they’ve done. So RISE provides opportunities."