Adrienne Reynolds

Part Time Lecturer


All of my professional decisions are based on the following question: Will the action or direction I take help others to learn, and to apply their learning? This purpose drives me and fuels my passion for everything I do. I align myself with organizations that I feel allow me to fulfill this goal, while at the same time stay nimble enough to be prepared and anticipate the inevitable changes life will require.


PhD from Capella University (2010)

Professional Experience

I am an American but was an expatriate and lived for 18 years in the Middle East; I returned to the U.S. in fall 2016 and currently reside in the Boston area. I am a U.S. Army veteran and love reading, travel, and new life experiences. I have over 10 years’ experience teaching and mentoring doctoral students at universities in the U.S., the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. I have also, besides my academic career, spent 10 years in managerial and executive level human resources positions in the UAE, particularly in start-up private and government organizations. I also provide consulting services in human resources management and leadership areas. I am currently serving in a human resources practitioner role at Tufts University. I have taught online, face-to-face, and hybrid courses, with a specialty of human resources subjects and leadership. My research focuses on expatriate adjustment and international HR/OB topics. I am, in the main, a quantitative researcher, although my world view is firmly rooted in more holistic philosophy. I have published in scholarly journals and presented at conferences, and most recently published a book titled “Antecedents of Adjustment for Self-Initiated Academic Expatriates.” 

I earned my bachelor’s degree in International Studies/Asian Studies from the University of South Florida. My first master’s degree, a Master of Education in Multilingual/Multicultural Education, is from Florida State University. I also hold an M.S. and Ph.D., both in Organization and Management, from Capella University and the SHRM-SCP and SPHRi certifications.