Ashley Arteaga



Ashley Braun Harper has been teaching accounting courses for over 15 years and she simply loves teaching. She earned he Master's of Accountancy from Louisiana State University in 2001 and her Bachelor's of Science in Accounting from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1999. She passed the CPA Exam on the first attempt and received her license in 2004. She is an active CPA in the State of Louisiana.  Ashley is currently pursuing her PhD from NorthCentral University in Accounting.  She is an ABD and is in the dissertation phase working on IRB Approval. 

Ashley's hobbies include traveling with her husband, running/walking, entertaining her kids, and anything related to Disney.  She worked at Walt Disney World for a summer while in college and had a blast.


BS from Louisiana State University (2001)

Professional Experience

Ashley's work experience includes an accountant position for a local accounting firm in Ponchatoula for seven years. She began her work there in high school doing basic bookkeeping and learned how to prepare bank reconciliations, financial statements, payroll taxes, sales taxes, and income taxes.  Ashley then worked for Arthur Andersen in New Orleans as a tax accountant for a tax season. She was also a controller for a local lumberyard and a credit analyst for a local bank. Ashley has a broad area of experience that she loves to share with her students.