Gail Raynus



Gail Raynus is the co-founder and principal consultant at ShareDynamics, Inc., where she delivers training and consulting services to the IT and Project Management professionals.  Prior to joining ShareDynamics, Gail served as VP of Professional Services at VistaPortal Software, Inc. where she managed the development of complex software products for external customer base.  During her career, Gail successfully led large-scale software implementations, conducted Enterprise software vendor selections and managed the development of numerous customized business solutions. Gail also managed statewide initiative at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and helped develop and implement performance-based improvement strategies across multiple agencies at the State of Vermont. Gail's current area of research is focused on the strategic aspects of Project management, organizational alignment and tools and methodologies that make Project Management indispensable for business results.


Master's Degree from St. Petersburg University, Russia (1979)