Golnoosh Hakimdavar

Associate Teaching Professor


Prof. Hakimdavar is an Associate Professor of law and policy and focuses on research methodology in the international law. She joined Northeastern University in 2017 after a distinguished career internationally. Prof. Hakimdavar served for five years as a rule of law specialist with focus on constitutional law and economic development in transition countries. In this capacity she lived and worked in Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Kosovo, and conducted research in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Iran.

Overall Dr. Hakimdavar has over fifteen years of experience in legal development and legal education both in the US and internationally. Formerly she served as the Dean of online education at Stratford University in Virginia and Dean of Academic Affairs in South Carolina. Prior to joining Northeastern University Dr. Hakimdavar founded and led a non-profit institute for international development, dedicated to research in transition and developing countries. Her research focuses on constitutional change and good governance, legal education, and formal-informal justice.  Dr. Hakimdavar is a doctoral advisor to students conducting their research on northern Africa and middle east.

Prof. Hakimdavar is published scholar and a recognized advocate for the rule of law throughout transition countries. She promotes connecting the practice of law to academic research on the rule of law.  She has technical expertise in curriculum management, instructional design, and leading change in legal education. In Afghanistan she managed a five-year donor funded project and oversaw and secured the sustainability of the program. Dr. Hakimdavar is dedicated to sustainable progress through strengthening the rule of law, protection of human rights, and transparent governance.  She has also conducted extensive research on the UN Security Council and economic sanctions. Her book A Strategic Understanding of UN Economic Sanctions is held at universities across the globe.

Dr. Hakimdavar holds a Ph.D. in Law and Economics from the University of Turin, Faculty of Law, Italy, an LL.M. from Cornell Law School, and has received her M.B.A. with a concentration in finance from Chapman University in California.  Dr. Hakimdavar completed her B.A. degree at California State University, Fullerton with a focus on business and economics. Prior to her work in development, Ms. Hakimdavar worked as a financial advisor at UBS and later as an executive in a manufacturing firm.



PhD from University of Turin, Italy (2010)