Karl Reynolds

Associate Teaching Professor


I grew up in western Massachusetts and attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst before joining the Peace Corps. I taught English as a Second Language in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (then Zaire) in a rural high school for two years. It was there where my fascination with languages blossomed. I learned French and Lingala there and knew at that time that languages would be a part of my life forever. After returning to the states, a stint in the Peace Corps placement office in Washington led me to a recruiting position in Seattle. Having established residency in Washington state, I pursued my interest in languages by earning a master's and then a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Washington. My doctoral work focused on an examination of the Swahili noun class system and then to the African Language Program at Boston University.


Doctor of Philosophy from University of Washington (1989)

Professional Experience

I am the course coordinator for Culture and Communication Skills for Graduate School and have been in the Global Pathways program since its inception in 2007. I was awarded a PhD in linguistics from the University of Washington in 1989 and started teaching that fall at Boston University's African Language Program and the Applied Linguistics Program. Subsequently, I taught at Harvard University in the Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations department and the Division of Continuing Education for the next six years before settling here at Northeastern University.