Nancy Robbie



Nancy Robbie is an Instructor at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies, where she teaches graduate-level courses in leadership.  The online environment provides a productive environment to learn, communicate, and connect theory to practice.  What brings Nancy joy is to inspire adult learners to understand and experience leadership.

Nancy holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Northeastern University, and a Doctor of Education degree with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Northeastern University. Her dissertation research centered on adult learners and their experiences of teaching presence to complete online graduate coursework. She understands the commitment it requires to balance educational/career aspirations with a family/personal life.  Nancy transitioned from a Northeastern University CPS graduate student to an instructor in 2012 soon after earning her master's degree in leadership. 




EdD from Northeastern University (2020)