Ravi Khanna



Dr. Khanna has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Penn State, where he designed, built, and fabricated advanced semiconductor transistors for his thesis.  His working knowledge of semiconductor manufacturing lead to a position at Skyworks Solutions in Woburn, MA where he implemented his work in an industrial setting,  culminating in his becoming lead engineer of an entire product line.  His product contributions  lead the way for entry into the cell phone market and have been deployed beyond the planet to several interplanetary spacecraft.  At MIT he worked to build a jet engine the size of quarter, along the way contributing significantly to the field of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).  At BAE Systems he conducted characterization and testing on infrared imaging components for commercial and national security applications.  Dr. Khanna is currently immersed in the Boston startup and innovation ecosystem having graduated from the world-renowned MassChallenge accelerator program.


PhD from Pennsylvania State University (1992)