Sabine Amend



Born in Germany with an internationally mobile work- and life-history - Sabine Amend has lived and worked in the UK, China, and Australia. Her professional experiences include communication and collaboration processes with people from more than 60 countries. A large part of her career has been entrepreneurial, including the ownership of a boutique consulting in the U.S. Prior to teaching at Northeastern University, she taught international marketing management and intercultural communication at an online MBA program in Colorado for ten years. Her particular interests are in communication, change-processes, leadership and the development of practical wisdom as an embodied process. As part-time faculty at Northeastern, she fosters inquiry, analytical and reflective thinking within a broader goal of developing individuals who apply their academic work to practice, and who continue to mature as self-directed learners throughout their lives. She lives in Portland, OR, and travels both nationally and internationally.


Master of Arts from Brunel University UK (1998)

Professional Experience

President and CEO of ti communication USA, Inc., an international consulting firm.
ti communication USA delivers services to engage people, build collaboration, navigate change, and compete globally. Its client base includes medium-sized to Fortune 100 companies in research and development and knowledge-intensive industries such as specialized manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and information technology.

Sabine Amend has 20 years consulting, coaching and training experience in intercultural management, organization development, and global leadership development. Her background in lobbying/industry advocacy, public relations, international trade/investment promotion, management of external human resources/learning and development services provider.