Sandy Nickel

Assistant Teaching Professor


Sandy Nickel is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Graduate School of Education. Dr. Nickel primarily teaches courses in the Doctor of Education program, including the Foundation Series and Organizational Leadership Studies. Her research interests include leadership and organizational development, organizational communication, feminist criticism, online learning, and program and curriculum development. Dr. Nickel’s publications include “The Rhetoric of Union: A Stylized Utterance,” “A Survey of Introductory Women Studies Courses,” a contributor to the textbook, Introduction to Speech Communication, and course manuals on Leadership, Teambuilding, and Conflict Resolution. Previously, Dr. Nickel was the founder of Nashoba Associates, a leadership and organizational development consultant firm. She has served on the faculty or as an administrator at Boston University, Sloan School of Management at MIT, University of Missouri, University of Iowa, and Connecticut Department of Higher Education.


PhD from University of Iowa (1976)