Y Kelly



I have been an instructor for Northeastern's Regulatory Affairs graduate program for over ten years. As an instructor, I developed the course "Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law: Topics and Cases," for online and "Biomedical Intellectual Property Management Strategy: Patents and Trade Secrets." I am a Registered Patent Attorney working for an International IP Corporation and as the sole proprietor of my own intellectual property law firm, Y.L. KELLY, ESQ in Clinton, CT.

I double majored at Vermont Law School, G=graduating with a JD and a Master’s in Environmental Law. I was an dditor of the Vermont Law Review; Senior Managing Editor of the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law; and a Vermont Law Dean’s Fellow where I taught 1L Legal Writing to first-year law students.  

I have a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and industry work experience composed of patent prosecution, patent litigation, patent examining, regulatory legal work, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food technology and military service.



JD from Vermont Law School (2006)