Jhanvi Patel

Masters of Science, Informatics, First Gen

Three words encapsulate your Northeastern University experience:

Dynamic | Innovative | Collaborative

What were some of the reasons you chose to join the Northeastern community? Since joining, what have been some of the opportunities and challenges you have experienced?

I chose Northeastern for its Value, mission, and collaborative motto. I am grateful, that I got a chance to earn a master’s degree from NEU, if not master’s I would have tried other ways to connect with NEU and become part of the strongest community. Early, I was enrolled in Project Management, As I did my bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, I wanted to have Project management as an IT concentration, but due to my misunderstanding, I joined and later I wanted to switch my program, at first was so much tensed and worried but latter I had a talked to my advisor, and a couple of other and they gave me wonderful option linking to my likes and customized to my will. From that incident, my belief in Northeastern became stronger and I always thought, I am part of NEU, I won’t be upset in any situation there is always a place to turn to, a community to turn to.

What are some of the challenges you’ve had to face and how have you overcome them?

This two-year journey took work. Life isn’t always the same and easy as well. Being an international student away from home and family is the starting hurdle of the journey, a new country, new place, and new people made me intimidated by my decision but the strong will to achieve something special by achieving a degree was so strong it overpowered all my worries and always fuel my hope and courage. It becomes challenging some days, to manage all things by myself food, study, laundry, grocery and some bad days but I must say what keeps me going is the support from my family always backing me and making me remember my dream and my superpower “My Friends” they help me to survive in this country, in Boston, in NEU and became my family here. Though I graduated and became an alumni, though I keep getting scared of furthering my journey and landing a job, I believe in Northeastern and all the beautiful bonds that give me courage and make me stronger to grow and move forward.

What has your journey at Northeastern University revealed to you about yourself?

This is the most rewarding, most valued, and most interesting journey of my life. Starting with cries, as moving away from family and home, excited to explore but also missing the people of your routine too. My life changed a lot, living with unknown people who later became my superpower to survive but was a challenge at first. Studies can be tough, you don’t feel like doing it, but always remember the goal and the reason always make me keep going. As mentioned above changing programs was a hurdle, was solved by choosing Informatics, and majoring in Cloud Computing. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of courses and new things to learn; my advisor, Carolyn Zuk, always helped me navigate the path ahead each quarter. I also learned alot with the Experimential Learning course, working for a real company. After my 3rd quarter, I landed a Co-op. My last quarter was super fun and memorable, as part of the capstone course, got work and led the team, working for the Northeastern Inclusive Lab. Through the capstone project and with great help from Prof. Zhou Xiaomu, we presented in AI in Action week at university, RISE poster presentation, and Tested with vendors joining Northeastern. I won the Humanics Award 2024 due to my co-op work. The ending chapter, the convocation, I walked my grad walk a day before, and it was a feeling of pride, joy, and thrilled all in one. I am super grateful I chose Northeastern and Northeastern accepted me! I am a proud husky and will be husky forever.

What advice do you have for others considering higher education, either at Northeastern or elsewhere?

If an individual is considering taking higher education must have thorough plans on what they plan for themselves. As a proud husky, I will always ask them to consider Northeastern University not for the degree they are looking as they can get from any other university as well, but for the value, support, and identity they create at Northeastern. It’s not only about what you will achieve, but I believe with Northeastern it is about What they will become, what they create, and what makes them a husky which makes them different from the rest. They will be valued, appreciated, and always supported in there any part of their journey!

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