CPS Professor Darin Detwiler Shares Concerns Related To Avian Flu with The New York Times

CPS’s Darin Detwiler, a noted food safety expert, shared his perspectives with the New York Times on the risks of consuming raw milk as cows are increasingly contracting a strain of avian influenza. “I don’t think that one can make an argument that we shouldn’t be concerned about drinking raw milk in this era.”

The article, written by Dani Blum and published last Friday, discussed the detection of avian flu in dairy cows, and raised concerns about the U.S. dairy supply’s safety. Federal agencies assert the commercial milk supply remains safe, emphasizing the lack of evidence linking bird flu transmission to humans through pasteurized or cooked food. The situation’s evolving nature, particularly regarding raw milk, is highlighted, with experts stressing the importance of standard food safety practices to mitigate any potential risks.

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