Oduenyi Uga

Bachelor of Science, Digital Communication & Media

Three words encapsulate your Northeastern University experience:

Opportunities | Innovative | Legendary

What are some of the challenges you’ve had to face and how have you overcome them?

Balancing full-time work with pursuing a degree at Northeastern presented a multitude of challenges, particularly as I navigated the demanding currents of school anxiety and the immense pressure to succeed. The journey wasn’t just about managing time; it was about managing my expectations and mental health as well. The desire to excel was so overwhelming that it sometimes hindered my academic performance, leading to the difficult decision to retake certain classes. This experience tested my determination, but it also taught me invaluable lessons about perseverance and self-compassion. Northeastern’s culture of independence and flexibility was both a challenge and a blessing. While it empowered me to take charge of my educational journey, it also meant learning to set realistic goals and boundaries for myself. I found strength in resources provided by the university, such as counseling services and academic advisors, who helped me develop strategies to cope with anxiety and workload management. Ultimately, by embracing this new culture of flexibility, and with a steadfast determination not to give up, I was able to move forward, one step at a time, towards completing my degree.

What has your journey at Northeastern University revealed to you about yourself?

My journey at Northeastern University has been a profound revelation of my own capabilities and passions. It has underscored the belief that there truly are no limits to what I can achieve when I seize opportunities and commit wholeheartedly. This experience has taught me that with determination and the right mindset, I can navigate any challenge and transform aspirations into tangible outcomes. I’ve discovered a deep-seated love for research, recognizing it as the bedrock of innovation and progress. Through countless projects and assignments, I learned that diligent research not only enriches one’s understanding but also lays the groundwork for groundbreaking ideas and solutions. This journey has instilled in me a confidence that I am capable of remarkable achievements, and it has fueled my desire to continue exploring, learning, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Why are you interested in the degree you’re pursuing? What motivates you?

I am currently pursuing a degree in Digital Communication & Media because I am deeply passionate about understanding and enhancing the way messages are conveyed in our increasingly digital world. My motivation stems from a desire to help people see the bigger picture, to unravel miscommunications, and to bridge gaps through various media platforms. I have always been intrigued by the psychology of how humans think and communicate. Combining this interest with my love for design and media/journalism, I saw an opportunity in this degree to refine my skills in delivering impactful messages effectively. This field allows me to blend creative expression with strategic communication, enabling me to craft content that can influence, educate, and connect people across diverse backgrounds.

What advice do you have for others considering higher education, either at Northeastern or elsewhere?

My advice is rooted in the power of self-belief and the pursuit of passion. First, believe in yourself and your ability to overcome any challenge that comes your way. Higher education is not just about academic achievement but also about personal growth and discovery. It’s important to approach your studies with an open mind and a resilient spirit. Second, take the time to discover what truly ignites your passion. Education is far more rewarding and impactful when you are engaged with subjects and activities that you feel deeply about. This passion will be your guide and motivator, especially during challenging times. Finally, cultivate a mindset that is geared towards integrating your learning into every aspect of your life. Think of your education not just as preparation for a future career but as a set of tools and knowledge that can enhance your daily life and contribute to your community. Always look for ways to apply what you learn in real-world situations, which will not only reinforce your studies but also demonstrate the practical value of your education. By doing so, you make your learning continuous and all-encompassing, preparing you not just for a job, but for a fulfilling life.

What are you hoping to do after you graduate? Where do you imagine yourself five years after school?

After I graduate, I plan to significantly expand my digital and creative agency ; vibez and company, and continue to enhance my presence in the music industry. My goal is to deeply immerse myself in the media world, not just as a participant but as a key influencer and collaborator. I envision myself working closely with various brands, leveraging my capability to create impactful media campaigns that resonate widely. By combining my expertise in digital communication and media with my growing influence in the music industry, I aim to foster partnerships that not only elevate the brands I work with but also inspire and engage audiences on a global scale. Five years after school, I see myself at the forefront of media innovation, having established vibez and company as a powerhouse in digital and creative solutions. I imagine myself as a recognized figure in media, known for my ability to translate complex ideas into compelling narratives that capture the imagination and drive meaningful action. Through my work, I hope to inspire individuals and communities to see their potential and encourage them to strive for greater heights, contributing to a more connected and vibrant world.

What are some of your hobbies and other passions? Where do you find your joy?

Outside of my academic and professional life, I engage in a variety of hobbies and passions that bring joy and balance to my life. One of my primary joys is music; I love writing songs, which allows me to express my emotions and experiences creatively. Alongside music, I’m an avid journaler and reader, finding solace and inspiration in the written word. Nature also plays a significant role in my life. I enjoy taking photographs especially during my travels or even local explorations around the city, capturing moments of beauty and tranquility. These excursions into nature help me to recharge and maintain my mental well-being. Traveling is another passion of mine, especially exploring new cultures through their culinary arts. I love cooking and often experiment with creating different dishes from around the world, adding a vegan twist to traditional recipes. This not only satisfies my palate but also aligns with my health and ethical values, making each meal an adventure in itself.

What else would you like to say?

I want to say that no dream or goal is unattainable. With determination and the right mindset, anything is possible. When you truly commit to your vision and persist through challenges, the outcomes can be incredibly rewarding. I want to inspire others to never limit themselves or their aspirations based on the doubts of others or the fear of failure. Additionally, I extend my deepest gratitude to Northeastern University for its instrumental role in my journey. The university has not only fostered my academic and professional growth but has also reinforced my belief in myself. It’s crucial to be part of an educational environment that does not let negative forces define your trajectory but instead values and supports you in becoming the person you aspire to be. My time at Northeastern has been transformative, and I am profoundly thankful for the faith and opportunities the university has provided me, allowing me to pursue my dreams without reservation.

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