The Pulse: May Newsletter, A Message From The Dean

It’s Graduation Week! This is my favorite time of year as we celebrate and honor the culmination of years of hard work.  

To our graduating students—you did it! I am so proud of you and cannot wait to celebrate with you this week.  Many of you got to this moment while also balancing work, family, and other heavy responsibilities. This is a big deal! Please take the time to soak this week in and absorb all the accolades you deserve. 

To our faculty and staff, thank you for everything you do to make CPS the place that empowers people to both define and then realize their own personal success. Thank you for expanding access for more learners to pursue their goals. And thank you for constantly innovating and pushing boundaries to create new pathways for our students and our communities.  

I am also incredibly proud of our faculty and staff who are graduating this year! So many of our students pursue their degrees while also working and caring for family and other responsibilities. It means so much when our own team can serve as a reflection of our student body. Your accomplishment serves not only as an investment in your own success but is an example that inspires so many others.  

Lastly, as we celebrate all these tremendous accomplishments, I want to also recognize the incredible strength of our community. We are truly blessed to have such diverse perspectives coming together from around the world around this shared CPS experience. I encourage you to read through some of the more recent Faces of CPS profiles to get a glimpse of these amazing stories. In addition, the impact of our teaching and research continues to resonate, informed by the diversity of these voices.  

With that, I wish you all an amazing graduation week!