The Pulse: June Newsletter, A Message From The Dean

Welcome to summer!

In this issue of The Pulse, we have much to celebrate as we reflect upon recent accomplishments. From phenomenal commencement celebrations across our global network, to exciting faculty, staff, student, and alumni accomplishments—it is worth taking a moment to pause and enjoy our shared successes.

Summer also brings opportunities for us to connect more socially, including the annual CPS Kickball Competition, and a host of other events that T.E.A. has planned for those both in Boston and around the global network for in person and virtual social gatherings.

Lastly, as we rightly recognize our past wins and enjoy the camaraderie that often comes with this season, it is also an important time for us to look ahead toward our exciting future.

To our faculty and staff, investing in our students has always been our highest priority. As we lean into how we can best support student success with a reinvigorated focus on workforce and economic development we need to think of all the ways our work can help them realize meaningful careers. Careers that are personally and financially fulfilling, for our students, their families, and their communities.

That support is found in the classroom, but also in connections we can make in the communities we serve—from Roxbury here in Boston to South Lake Union in Seattle. We all have spheres of influence that we can leverage to create lasting impact on the lives of our students.

And to our students, you too have your own spheres of influence that you can lean into to advance not only your own personal goals, but those of your peers as well. Together, we can accomplish so much more than we ever could alone.

So, as we look forward, I encourage you all to look for ways where you can continue to embrace all the talent and passion that I know you have in striving to transform the future for our students, our college, our communities, and ourselves. 

Here’s to a stellar summer and an amazing future together!