Digital Badges

Our digital badge program enables you to showcase skills and competencies that you have gained through a range of learning experiences offered by Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies.

What Is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge issued by Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies is a visual micro-credential that shows that you have engaged in skill development at a specified level. When you click on the image of a digital badge, you can see when it was issued, the skills covered, and the earning criteria. This transparency is what creates the badge’s credibility in the marketplace, and shows people who see your digital resume, website or LinkedIn profile concrete examples of your skill development.

View all Northeastern badges on Northeastern’s badging platform, Credly.

Digital Badge Example

What’s the Difference Between the Badges?

Northeastern University developed a 4-level badging framework that recognizes skills-focused learning across a range of contexts, and levels of depth and experiential engagement.

There are 4 badge levels. Each level features a distinctive visual look and feel that conveys its value.

Level 1 badges are associated with experiences that increase knowledge around a specific topic, such as a course from the Office of Alumni Relation’s Lifelong Learning: On Demand series for Northeastern alumni, or a CPS learning event hosted by one of the regional campuses.

Level 2 badges describe learning experiences involving hands-on practice applying new skills.

Level 3 badges recognize high-value skills that enrolled students encounter in some of the courses they complete toward their degree.

Level 4 badges represent Northeastern-curated bundles of specific courses and experiential learning activities that prepare learners to apply a skillset immediately. Level 4 badges are currently available to Northeastern students enrolled in participating programs. Example to follow.

Badge Levels

How Can I Earn a Digital Badge?

The College of Professional Studies offers digital badges to learners at all four levels through a range of programming that supports learning on your terms.

Over a dozen programs across the College of Professional Studies offer digital badges that highlight high-value skills learners gain as they pursue their degree. Click here for the list of course-associated badges and check back often as new badges are added regularly.

What Are the Steps to Earn and Claim a Digital Badge?

Earning and claiming a digital badge is simple. The first step is to successfully complete a workshop, course, or program requirements. When you earn the badge, you receive a notification e-mail from Credly with instructions on claiming and sharing the badge with your personal and professional networks.

How Can I Share My Digital Badge?

We make it easy for you to share your badge on your social media or incorporate them in your professional branding tools like a resume or website. This is a great way to communicate your skills and competencies with employers, colleagues, and professional networks.

The following sharing avenues are available through our badging partner, Credly:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Via email
  • Embed it in a website
  • Place the badge on an electronic resume