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Schools & Centers

Many of the 70 programs of study offered by the College of Professional Studies are available through the schools that are part of CPS. The college engages with its communities on critical questions related to its mission through its centers and programs. You are invited to learn more. 

Graduate School of Education

We believe your dedication to education can transform lives and make real change—at work, and in the world. The Graduate School of Education offers programs for K-12 teachers and administrators, higher education administrators, and adult learning professionals.

Lowell Institute School

Pursue a bachelor’s degree in one of the STEM fields through the Lowell Institute School. Our degrees strengthen your skillset with knowledge and experience in rapidly expanding industries like biotechnology, information technology, health management, and finance.

Education and Industry

The Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy is an applied research center focused on issues and trends at the intersection of higher education and the world of employment.

Center for the Study of Sport in Society

The Center harnesses the power and influence of sport as a catalyst for positive social change.

The Lab for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

The Lab for Inclusive Entrepreneurship helps small businesses tackle technical and management challenges while promoting inclusive, equitable innovation and entrepreneurship.

Foundation Year

Foundation Year integrates rigorous academics with student support services focused on success in the first year of college and through to graduation. Foundation Year students can earn a full year of academic credit from the College of Professional Studies.