The faculty of the College of Professional Studies are scholar-practitioners and accomplished professionals in a wide range of industries.

Faculty SPotlight

Meet our faculty members. They know your field and will help you navigate toward your goals.

Uwe Hohgrawe

  • Professor of the Practice

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Xiaomu Zhou

  • Associate Teaching Professor

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Alice Mello

  • Assistant Teaching Professor

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John Terpinas

  • Professor of the Practice

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Adel Zadeh

  • Associate Teaching Professor

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Joseph McNabb

  • Professor of the Practice

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Faculty & staff Directory

Name Title


Basil Aboul-Enein Lecturer
Mara Acel-Green Lecturer
Lori Adams Lecturer
Kaia Agarwal Lecturer
Ani Aghababyan Lecturer
Kenneth Aguiar Lecturer
Frederick Agyeman-Duah Lecturer
Behzad Ahmadi Lecturer
Therese Ajtum-Roberts Lecturer
Naoko Akai-Dennis Lecturer
Zeynep Aksehirli Lecturer
Sujeet Akula Lecturer
Jacques Alexis Associate Teaching Professor
Nicole Alioto Lecturer
Bryce Allen Lecturer
Rita Allen Lecturer
Shannon Alpert Assistant Teaching Professor
Lilo Altali Lecturer
Sam Aman Lecturer
Stephen Amato Teaching Professor
Sabine Amend Lecturer
Dick Andersen Professor of the Practice
Andrew Anderson Assistant Academic Specialist
Ed Anderson Lecturer
Kristen Ando Lecturer
Muhammad Anwar Lecturer
Mohammed Anwaruddin Lecturer
Ajit Appari Lecturer
Darby Arakelian Lecturer
James Armstrong Lecturer
Arti Arvind Lecturer
Fatema-Ros Arzoughi Lecturer
Ben Ashburn Lecturer
Lori Ashline Assistant Teaching Professor
Valerie Atherley Lecturer
Kathleen Aubrey Lecturer
Stephanie Augustin Lecturer
Joseph Autilio Lecturer
Susan Avallone Lecturer
Earlene Avalon Associate Teaching Professor
Dennis Avola Lecturer
Name Title


Rachael Bacchus Lecturer
Carolyn Bair Lecturer
Julie Baker Lecturer
Davood Bakhtnia Lecturer
Ilter Bakkal Lecturer
Pierre Balthazar Part-Time Lecturer
Heidi Banerjee Assistant Teaching Professor
Brendan Bannister Lecturer
Selcuk Baran Lecturer
Amelia Barbadoro Lecturer
Doctor Arthur Barber Lecturer
Justin Barclay Lecturer
Thomas Barnes Nonteaching Affiliate
Cynthia Baron Senior Academic Specialist
Edward Barr Lecturer
Todd Barr Lecturer
Janice Barrett Lecturer
Eugenia Bastos Lecturer
Jeffrey Bears Lecturer
Lori Bechard Lecturer
Rasoul Behboudi Nonteaching Affiliate
Diana Belanger Lecturer
Lynda Beltz Lecturer
Leah Ben-Ami Lecturer
Mary Ann Benites Kaplan Lecturer
Craig Bennett Lecturer
Elisabeth Bennett Associate Teaching Professor
Robert Berardi Lecturer
Elizabeth Bergeron Lecturer
Courtney Bergersen Lecturer
Jack Bergersen Lecturer
Jackie Bertman Lecturer
Baktybek Beshimov Professor of the Practice
Khalid Bibi Lecturer
Brian Bicknell Lecturer
Gerald Bilodeau Lecturer
Olga Birioukova Part-Time Lecturer
Sherese Bishop Lecturer
Anjum Biswas Lecturer
Jason Black Lecturer
Ron Black Lecturer
Timothy Blank Lecturer
Rebecca Bleich Part-Time Lecturer
Gregory Block Lecturer
Mariusz Bojarczuk Part-Time Lecturer
Christopher Bolick Assistant Academic Specialist
Patricia Bonarrigo Lecturer
Jen Bonin Lecturer
Courtland Booth Lecturer
Deborah Booth Lecturer
Robert Booth Lecturer and GIS System Support
Bill Boozang Lecturer
Jason Bordbar Lecturer
Monica Borgida Asst Teaching Professor
George Bosarge Lecturer
Carolyn Boviard Part-Time Lecturer
Libra Boyd Lecturer
Paula Boyum Lecturer
Paul Braff Part-Time Lecturer
Patricia Brandl Lecturer
Kurt Brandquist Lecturer
Kevin Brannon Lecturer
Kevin Brennan Lecturer
Luis Brens Lecturer
Antonius Breur Lecturer
Anne Briggs Lecturer
Jacquelyn Briggs Lecturer
Kevin Broadbelt Associate Teaching Professor
Jeffrey Brooke Lecturer
Chris Brooks Lecturer
Melanie Brooks Lecturer
Alan Broomhead Lecturer
Mark Brown Lecturer
Mark Bruce Lecturer
Michael Bui Lecturer
Grace Buker Lecturer
Lucy Bunning Associate Teaching Professor
Mary Jane Burke-Robinso Lecturer
Joan Burkhardt Assistant Teaching Professor
Angie Burks Lecturer
Daniel Burt Lecturer
Eric Bush Lecturer
Bonnie Bystrek Lecturer
Name Title


Alexandra Candelas Lecturer
Luljeta Cano Lecturer
Derian Capodagli Lecturer
Vincent Capone Part-Time Lecturer
Kimberly Carbo Lecturer
Ana Carcani Lecturer
Scott Carlson Lecturer
Ivy Carnabucci Lecturer
Rosalie Carpenter Lecturer
Matthew Carrano Lecturer
Brian Caselli Lecturer
Matthew Casey Lecturer
Robert Casey Lecturer
Michael Cavallo Lecturer
Michael Centola Lecturer
Scott Challener Lecturer
Keisha Chambers Lecturer
John Chan Lecturer
Matthew Charles Lecturer
Deborah Chatigny Lecturer
Omar Chaudhry Lecturer
Janice Chiaradonna Lecturer
Patrick Chidsey Lecturer
Sharat Chikkerur Lecturer
Elliot Chikofsky Lecturer
Cherese Childers-McKee Assistant Teaching Professor
Dee Chiluiza Reyes Lecturer
Jarrod Chin Lecturer
Julia Cho Nonteaching Affiliate
Agnieszka Chomicz-Grabowska Lecturer
Stacy-Ann Christian Lecturer
David Cichocki Lecturer
Richard Clare Lecturer
Amy Clark Lecturer
Christine Clark Lecturer
Danielle Clark Lecturer
John Clark Senior Lecturer
Matthew Clark Lecturer
Neil Clauson Lecturer
Kristal Clemons Lecturer
Simon Cleveland Lecturer
Langdon Clough Lecturer
Ashley Coates Lecturer
Danielle Cochrane Lecturer
Zoe Cohen Lecturer
Deb Colameta Lecturer
Kathleen Collins Lecturer
Michael Collins Lecturer
Donald Columbare Lecturer
Steven Comingdeer Lecturer
Jeryl Concepcion Lecturer
Joe Condon Lecturer
Kelly Conn Associate Teaching Professor
Melanie Connolly Lecturer
Colin Connors Lecturer
Raphael Constantino Lecturer
Tim Conway Lecturer
Angela Cooke-Jackson Lecturer
Danielle Cooley Lecturer
Ian Corbin Part-Time Lecturer
Colin Corrigan Lecturer
Steven Corvi Lecturer
Edward Cosgrove Lecturer
Diane Costagliola Lecturer
Ava Costello Lecturer
Deb Cote Lecturer
Michael Cote Lecturer
Bari Courts Lecturer
Charles Cox III Lecturer
Bryan Craven Lecturer
Fiona Creed Associate Teaching Professor
Margaret Crehan Lecturer
Wendy Crocker Associate Teaching Professor
Lisa Crockett Lecturer
Karen Cross Lecturer
Jonathan Cue Lecturer
Michael Curry Lecturer
Joseph Curtin Lecturer
Frank Cutitta Lecturer
Lizabeth Czepiel Lecturer
Dan Czirjak Lecturer
Name Title


Philip D'Agati Associate Teaching Professor
Dennis D'Antona Lecturer
Jessica D'Atri Lecturer
Allana Da Graca Lecturer
Thomas Dadmun Lecturer
Patricia Dahl Lecturer
John Daigneault Lecturer
Kevin Daley Lecturer
Patrick Daly Lecturer
Charles Daniel Lecturer
Tiffany Danko Lecturer
Amy Danley Lecturer
Bill Davidge Lecturer
Bob Davis Lecturer
Keenan Davis Lecturer
Michael Dean Assistant Teaching Professor
Lisa deBettencourt Lecturer
Barry DeCristofano Lecturer
Elham Dehghan Part-Time Lecturer
Michelle Del Rosario Lecturer
Katherine Delaney-Distaso Lecturer
Patty Delmonaco Lecturer
Joe DeMello Lecturer
Craig Denman Lecturer
Nita Desai Part-Time Lecturer
Karen Desrosiers Lecturer
Darin Detwiler Assoc Teaching Prof &Asst Dean
Heather DeVincent-Cook Lecturer
Gloria DeWalt Lecturer
Dawn DeYoung Lecturer
Christa Dhimo Faculty Affiliate
Mike DiAntonio Lecturer
Mark Dickerson Lecturer
Thomas E Dieters Lecturer
Jeffrey Diiuglio Part-Time Lecturer
Paula Dillon Lecturer
Eric DiNoto Lecturer
Margarita DiVall Lecturer
Annabel Dodd Lecturer
Mary Donhoffner Lecturer
Lisa Donnelly Lecturer
Joseph Donovan Lecturer
Paul Dooley Lecturer
Peg Dougherty Assistant Teaching Professor
Christopher Dousharm Lecturer
Martha Dove Lecturer
Elizabeth Dowey Lecturer
Ginna Driscoll Lecturer
Jack Driscoll Lecturer
Kristen Drobnis Lecturer
Mary Dronitsky Lecturer
Reginald Duhe Nonteaching Affiliate
Helene Dumas Lecturer
Ann-Marie Dunphy Lecturer
Brian Duran Lecturer
Venkata Duvvuri Lecturer
Martin DuWors Lecturer
Yoni Dvorkis Lecturer
Holly Dygert Lecturer
Neil Dziemian Lecturer
Name Title


Cheryl Eagan-Donovan Lecturer
Kathleen Egger Lecturer
Michael Einstein Lecturer
Marcy Eisen Lecturer
Christopher Elg Lecturer
Marcus Ellis Lecturer
Connie Emerson Associate Teaching Professor
Laura Engel Lecturer
Randy Englund Lecturer
Peter Enrich Lecturer
Daniel Eskin Part-Time Lecturer
David Ethier Lecturer
Joseph Ethier Lecturer
Sara Ewell Teaching Professor
William Ewell Associate Teaching Professor
Kathryn Ewen Lecturer
Antoine Ezzat Lecturer
Robert Ezzell Lecturer
Name Title


Christene Fair Lecturer
Yinqiao Fan Lecturer
Noradeen Farlekas Lecturer
Chris Featherman Part-Time Lecturer
Fei Fei Part Time Lecturer
Elana Feinberg Part-Time Lecturer
Natasha Feinberg Lecturer
Peter Fell Lecturer
Eduardo Fernandez Rojo Lecturer
Ginny Ferrick Part-Time Lecturer
Bob Ferriter Lecturer
Jay Ferriter Lecturer
Ori Fienberg Lecturer
Charles Findley Lecturer
Cherese Fine Lecturer
Joseph Finigan Lecturer
Lori Fiorentino Lecturer
David Fitzgerald Lecturer
Lucy Fitzpatrick Lecturer
Helen Fleming Lecturer
Michael Flint Lecturer
Benjamin Floman Lecturer
Doug Flor Lecturer
David Floreen Lecturer
Norbert Florendo Lecturer
Christopher Florio Lecturer
Jason Foley Lecturer
Fariborz Forghan Part-Time Lecturer
Dimitrios Fotiadis Lecturer
Mitchell Franklin Lecturer
Peter Fraunholtz Lecturer
Kimberly Frazier-Booth Lecturer
Richard Fredericks Lecturer
Richard Freeland Lecturer
Lisa Freeley Lecturer
Yvonne Freitas McGookin Lecturer
Mike Frengel Associate Academic Specialist
Yevgeniy Frenkel Lecturer
Alex Fronduto Assistant Teaching Professor
Greg Fulton Lecturer
Name Title


Gail Gabriel Lecturer
Florencia Gabriele Lecturer
Marty Gabriella Lecturer
Caitlin Gaffny Lecturer
Erica Gagne Lecturer
Sean Gallagher Executive Professor of Educational Policy
James Gardner Lecturer
Janet Garvey Lecturer
Phil Gasper Lecturer
Richard Gaulton Lecturer
Anu Gaur Part-Time Lecturer
Adam Gauthier Lecturer
Charlene Geary Lecturer
Debra Gelinas Lecturer
Amanda Gentile Lecturer
Frank Georges Assistant Teaching Professor
Eric Gero Nonteaching Affiliate
Jaclyn Giannakoulis Lecturer
Joan Giblin Assistant Teaching Professor
Catherine Gildae Lecturer
Mary Helen Gillespie Lecturer
Mark Glasier Lecturer
Jack Glencross Lecturer
Gerson Goldberg Lecturer
Richard Goldberg Part-Time Lecturer
Robert Goldberg Lecturer
William Goldberg Lecturer
Milica Golubovic Lecturer
Steven Gomes Lecturer
Natalie Gonzalez Lecturer
Ronda Goodale Lecturer
Teresa Goode Associate Teaching Professor
Patty Goodman Associate Teaching Professor
Matthew Goodwin Lecturer
Eric Gorenstein Lecturer
James Gorske Lecturer
Thomas Goulding Professor of the Practice
Stefanie Gouveia Lecturer
Susan Gracia Assistant Teaching Professor
George Gray Lecturer
Laura Gray Lecturer
Ed Green Lecturer
Tracy Green Lecturer
Gary Greenbaum Lecturer
Laurel Greenberg Lecturer
Arthur Greenwood Lecturer
Heidi Gregory-Mina Lecturer
Ann Grenell Lecturer
Casey Grenier Part-Time Lecturer
James Grenier Lecturer
Sean Gresh Lecturer
Brent Griffin Assistant Teaching Professor
Joseph Griffin Associate Teaching Professor
Randi Griffin Lecturer
Francesca Grippa Teaching Professor
Jonathan Grollman Lecturer
Cheryl Gross Lecturer
Justin Grosz Lecturer
Bill Gruener Lecturer
John Gruppo Lecturer
Al Grusby Lecturer
Andrew Guisbond Lecturer
Constantin Gurdgiev Lecturer
Name Title


Philip Haberstroh Lecturer
Zee Haddad Lecturer
Dave Hagen Associate Teaching Professor
Golnoosh Hakimdavar Associate Teaching Professor
Jack Haley Lecturer
John Halstead Lecturer
Jean-Francois Hamel Lecturer
Anne Hammer Lecturer
Hattie Hammonds Lecturer
Thomas Hamnett Lecturer
Patricia Hampf Part-Time Lecturer
James Hannon Lecturer
Rezwan Haque Lecturer
Sharyn Hardy Lecturer
Ashley Harper Lecturer
Shaunna Harrington Associate Teaching Professor
Heather Harvey Lecturer
Chris Hass Lecturer
Rania Hassan Part-Time Lecturer
Vivian Hatziyannis Lecturer
Fareed Hawwa Assistant Teaching Professor
Lorna Hayward Associate Professor
Bobby Hazelton Lecturer
Glenn Hazelton Part-Time Lecturer
Dean He Faculty Lead
Jialun He Lecturer
Zhi He Lecturer
Tamir Hegazy Lecturer
Ilanit Helfand Lecturer
Laura Heller Lecturer
Kevin Helmich Lecturer
Ashlee Hershey Part-Time Lecturer
Dean Hess Lecturer
Stephen Hiltz Lecturer
Leslie Hitch Lecturer
Lynda Hodgson Associate Teaching Professor
Matthew Hodgson III Lecturer
Erin Hoffer Lecturer
Terry Hofmann Lecturer
John Hogan Lecturer
Uwe Hohgrawe Professor of the Practice
Jim Holst Lecturer
Roseanna Hopper Lecturer
Gregory Hopwood Lecturer
Ross Horvitz Part-Time Lecturer
Alex Huang Lecturer
Steward Huang Lecturer
Morgan Hughes Lecturer
Briana Hyde Lecturer
Name Title


Brent Ibata Lecturer
Patricia Igo Lecturer
Christina Inge Nonteaching Affiliate
Chad Iverson Lecturer
Name Title


Claire Jackson Assistant Teaching Professor
Danijela Jackson Lecturer
Ravi Jain Lecturer
Jocelyn Jennings Lecturer
Shuyi Jiang Lecturer
Dale Joachim Lecturer
Arthur John Lecturer
Sam John Lecturer
Christopher Johnson Lecturer
Colin Johnson Lecturer
Devin Johnson Lecturer
Karen Johnson Lecturer
Marsha Johnson Lecturer
Ted Johnson Professor of the Practice
Tonya Johnson Lecturer
Linda Jones Lecturer
Theodore Josue Lecturer
Teddy Joyce Part-Time Lecturer
Name Title


Stephen Kafka Lecturer
Claire Kagaya Part Time Lecturer
Ravikiran Kalluri Lecturer
Edward Kammerer Part-Time Lecturer
Eva Kampits Lecturer
Olatunde Kamson Lecturer
Aarthy Kannan Adityan Lecturer
Patrick Kanza Lecturer
David Kapfhammer Lecturer
Lora Karaoglu Serce Lecturer
Durmus Karatay Lecturer
Amin Karimpour Lecturer
Steve Kates Assistant Teaching Professor
Thomas Kee Lecturer
Brendan Keenan Lecturer
Ashley Keeney Lecturer
Jennifer Kelley Lecturer
John Kelley Lecturer
Jeremiah Kelly Lecturer
Y. Lynnette Kelly Lecturer
Peter Kelman Lecturer
Megan Kennedy Lecturer
Richard Kennedy Lecturer
Sarmann Kennedyd Assistant Teaching Professor
Joel Kent Lecturer
Larry Kerstein Lecturer
Richard Kesner Part-Time Lecturer
Fariborz Khalaj Lecturer
Iffat Khan Lecturer
Ravi Khanna Lecturer
Heidi Kilmer Lecturer
Chung Kim Lecturer
Matthew King Lecturer
Michelle King Lecturer
Margaret Gorman Kirchoff Associate Teaching Professor
Georgia Klamon-Miller Lecturer
E.Edward Klotzbier Lecturer
Angela Knox Lecturer
Tatjana Kobb Lecturer
Peter Koch Lecturer
Sheila Kohanteb Lecturer
Nanci Kopecky Part-Time Lecturer
Thomas Koperniak Lecturer
George Kosar Lecturer
Ilka Kostka Associate Teaching Professor
Vitaly Kozyrev Lecturer
Jonathan Kramer Lecturer
Marc Krellenstein Lecturer
Supicha Kridaratikorn Lecturer
Christopher Kromphardt Lecturer
Susan Krumholz Lecturer
Robert Kubacki Lecturer
Carrie Kuehn Lecturer
Jasotha Kugabalasooriar Lecturer
Sanga Kugabalasooriar Lecturer
Varsha Kulkarni Assistant Teaching Professor
Haridas Kumarakuru Part-Time Lecturer
Mike Kuntz Lecturer
Peter Kwok Lecturer
Name Title


Brian L'heureux Lecturer
Joanne Labelle Lecturer
Bev Lach Lecturer
Bruce Laflamme Lecturer
Jay Laird Assistant Teaching Professor
Joani LaMachia Lecturer
Arthur Lambert Lecturer
Christopher LaMonica Lecturer
Jason Lancaster Clinical Professor
Stephen Lancey Lecturer
Gerald Lancia Lecturer
Amy Lantinga Teaching Professor
Julie Lanzillo Lecturer
Jeffrey LaPoint Lecturer
Chris LaRoche Lecturer
Daniel Larochelle Lecturer
JD LaRock Professor of the Practice
Kim Larson Associate Teaching Professor
Sarah Larson Lecturer
Todd Larson Lecturer
Betty Lauer Lecturer
Tom Leamy Lecturer
Monica Lebre Lecturer
Beck Hing Lee Lecturer
Jihoon Lee Lecturer
Kristen Lee Associate Teaching Professor
Duane Lefevre Lecturer
Shawn Leffler Lecturer
Shira Leibowitz Lecturer
David Leussler Lecturer
Gerald Lewis Lecturer
Huijuan Li Lecturer
Tenglong Li Lecturer
Shun Liang Lecturer
Paul Lienard Lecturer
Peter Lifton Lecturer
Aaron Light Lecturer
Chu Hsien Lin Lecturer
Kimberly Linnell Part-Time Lecturer
Charles Linskey Lecturer
Anna Lionello Lecturer
Edward Lisoski Lecturer
Eric Liu Lecturer
Haedy Liu Part-Time Lecturer
Todd Loeb Lecturer
Mary Loeffelholz Dean, College of Professional Studies and Professor of English
Charlotte Lofton Lecturer
Martha Loftus Assistant Teaching Professor
Justina Logozzo Lecturer
Friedrich Lohr Professor of the Practice
Ricardo Lopez Lecturer
Susan Lowe Lecturer
Donna Lubrano Lecturer
Peter Lucash Lecturer
Mary Ludden Assistant Teaching Professor
Jan Luedert Lecturer
Siu Ming Luie Lecturer
James Luker Lecturer
Linh Luong Lecturer
Dick Lush Lecturer
James Lux Lecturer
Tun Lwin Lecturer
Michael Lynch Lecturer
Kurdea Lyon Lecturer
Stephen Lyons Lecturer
Name Title


Colin MacArthur Lecturer
Keith MacKay Lecturer
Kathleen Mackenzie Senior Lecturer
Doctor Dawn Mackiewicz Lecturer
Barb Maclachlan Lecturer
Catharine MacLaren Lecturer
Steven Macpherson Lecturer
Yvonne Macrae Lecturer
Michael Madden Lecturer
Kamen Madjarov Lecturer
Jennifer Madonna Lecturer
Eliot Madow Lecturer
Sandy Magill Lecturer
Dominic Magnarelli Lecturer
Elizabeth Mahler Associate Teaching Professor
David Mahoney Assistant Teaching Professor
Rebecca Mahoney Lecturer
Janos Mako Lecturer
Alex Makos Lecturer
Rakesh Malhotra Lecturer
Veronika Maliborska Associate Teaching Professor
Kevin Malvey Lecturer
Maria Mancini Lecturer
Joseph Manseau Lecturer
Diana Mansfield Lecturer
Jawdat Mansour Lecturer
Steven Marchette Lecturer
Krassimir Marchev Professor of the Practice
Gail Marcus Lecturer
Alycia Markowski Clinical Professor
Rose Marota Lecturer
Natalia Masic Lecturer
Dee Masiello Lecturer
Patty Mason Lecturer
Tiina Mason Lecturer
Rob Massoud Lecturer
Mariana Matrajt Lecturer
Nicolle Matthews Lecturer
Rosser Matthews Lecturer
Gail Matthews-Denatale Lecturer
Anne Mattina Lecturer
Joetta Maue Lecturer
Allison Maurer Lecturer
Vasiliki Mavroudhis Lecturer
Teresa Mayors Lecturer
James Mazza Lecturer
William McAteer Lecturer
Megan McCallon Lecturer
Al McCready Lecturer
Kevin McCullagh Lecturer
Robert McCullough Lecturer
Jack McDevitt Professor of the Practice
Robert McGrath Lecturer
Walter McHugh Lecturer
Gladys McKie Lecturer
Michael McKinney Lecturer
Crissy McMartin-Miller Teaching Professor
Joseph McNabb Professor of the Practice
Lynn McNamara Lecturer
Payden McRoberts Lecturer
Jessica Medeiros Lecturer
Marisol Medri Part-Time Lecturer
Sheila Mehta-Green Lecturer
Francis Melaragni Lecturer
Christopher Mellen Lecturer
Alice Mello Assistant Teaching Professor
Liliana Meneses Lecturer
Brian Merson Lecturer
Anne Meyerson Lecturer
Liz Miller Lecturer
Olga Miller Lecturer
Ted Miller Associate Teaching Professor
Geofrey Mills Lecturer
Tim Mills Lecturer
Bradley Mingels Lecturer
Rupananda Misra Lecturer
Barbara Mitchell Senior Lecturer
Clinton Mitchell Lecturer
Azadeh Mobasher Lecturer
Andreea Mocanu Lecturer
Ovidiu Mocanu Lecturer
Daniel Modricker Lecturer
Sabrina Mohan Lecturer
Joe Molinari Lecturer
Michael Mominey Lecturer
Mahdi Monfared Lecturer
Marco Montes de Oca Lecturer
Charlotte Moore Lecturer
Carol Morello Lecturer
Florin Morosan Lecturer
Mounira Morris Assistant Teaching Professor
Rashid Mosley Assistant Teaching Professor
Carl Moxey Part-Time Lecturer
Justin Mueller Part-Time Lecturer
Liz Mullane Lecturer
Kevin Mulvey Lecturer
Daniel Murphy Lecturer
Edward Murphy Lecturer
Kerry Murphy Lecturer
Brett Murphy Hunt Lecturer
Vincent Muscolino Lecturer
Brent Musson Lecturer
Denise Mytko Lecturer
Name Title


Jennifer Nadelson-Gleb Lecturer
Vincent Nanevie Lecturer
Mary Beth Nelson Lecturer
Elisabeth Neville Lecturer
Amy Nichols Lecturer
Sandy Nickel Assistant Teaching Professor
David Nolan Associate Clinical Professor
Kimberly Nolan Associate Teaching Professor
Danielle Nordin Lecturer
Stephen Novick Lecturer
Name Title


James O'Brien Lecturer
John O'Brien Lecturer
Richard O'Bryant Lecturer
Sean O'Connell Assistant Teaching Professor
Chad O'Connor Lecturer
Jo-Anne O'Connor Lecturer
Michael O'Connor Lecturer
Karla Odenwald Part-Time Lecturer
James ODonnell Lecturer
Mikhail Oet Associate Teaching Professor
Ajay Ogirala Lecturer
Barbara Ohrstrom Lecturer
Raina Olexa Lecturer
Alex Oliveira Part-Time Lecturer
Faviana Olivier Lecturer
Ron Olson Lecturer
Sven Olson Lecturer
Tim Op't Holt Lecturer
Darin Oppenheimer Lecturer
Ray Orciuch Lecturer
Gary Osmond Lecturer
Lawrence Overlan Lecturer
Emre Ozdemir Lecturer
Kazim Ozyurt Lecturer
Name Title


Nicole Palazzo Lecturer
Shrikant Palkar Lecturer
Peter Palmisano Lecturer
Eric Papa Lecturer
Nicholas Papas Lecturer
Leah Parent Lecturer
Melissa Parenti Assistant Teaching Professor
Quannah Parker-McGowan Assistant Teaching Professor
Mark Paronich Lecturer
Payam Parsinejad Shirazi Lecturer
Tracy Pascua Dea Lecturer
Tara Pastina Lecturer
George Patterson Lecturer
Ruthanne Pavlis Lecturer
Nancy Pawlyshyn Associate Teaching Professor
Michael Pearson Lecturer
Michele Pedicone Lecturer
Tom Penque Lecturer
Michael Penzo Lecturer
Diane Perez Assistant Academic Specialist
Christine Perkett Lecturer
Yulia Perlman Lecturer
Claudine Perreault Lecturer
Andrew Perry Lecturer
Brett Peruzzi Lecturer
Jeffrey Peterson Lecturer
Richard Petronio Lecturer
Robert Petteruti Lecturer
Shannon Pettiford Lecturer
Joseph Pettigrew Part-Time Lecturer
Laureen Pfizenmaier Lecturer
Boitshoko Phalatse Lecturer
Michael Picard Lecturer
Daniel Piche Lecturer
Francis Pina Lecturer
Patrick Plunkett Sr Assoc Dean-Intl Engagement
Josee Poirier Lecturer
Jason Poitras Lecturer
Laurie Poklop Lecturer
Carlos Ponce Lecturer
John Pope Lecturer
Lisa Portadin Lecturer
Jerry Porter Lecturer
Lindsay Portnoy Associate Teaching Professor
Ed Powers Professor of the Practice
Yudhistira Pratama Lecturer
Dan Pratt Lecturer
Robert Prior Associate Teaching Professor
Name Title


Natalia Radziejewska Part-Time Lecturer
Ali Rahnama Lecturer
Sasha Raikhlina-O'Toole Part-Time Lecturer
Alireza Raisi Lecturer
Dolly Raja Lecturer
Aniruddhatreya Rajagopalan Lecturer
Sriram Rajagopalan Lecturer
Sam Rajkumar Part-Time Lecturer
Cal Ramsdell Greene Lecturer
Stephen Rando Lecturer
Harriette Rasmussen Lecturer
Gail Raynus Lecturer
Kathy Reddig Lecturer
Mary Reese Lecturer
Bill Reeve Lecturer
Sahar Rehman Lecturer
Karen Reiss Medwed Associate Teaching Professor
Fern Remedi-Brown Lecturer
Adrienne Reynolds Lecturer
Lesley Ricci Lecturer
Thomas Richards Lecturer
Peter Richardson Lecturer
Wendy Rieder Lecturer
Lee Rielly Lecturer
Joseph Rihn Part-Time Lecturer
Susan Rinaldi Lecturer
Ron Rivas Part-Time Lecturer
Juan Rivera Mata Lecturer
Eric Rizzo Lecturer
Susanne Robertson Lecturer
Mary Robins Lecturer
Christopher Robinson Lecturer
Cordula Robinson Teaching Professor
Beth Rochefort Lecturer
Yaz Rodd Lecturer
Justin Rodgers Lecturer
Fidel Rodriguez Lecturer
Nestor Rodriguez Lecturer
David Rogers Lecturer
Brian Ronholm Lecturer
Johan Roos Lecturer
Anna Rosales Lecturer
Gary Rose Lecturer
Michele Rosenthal Lecturer
Aaron Roth Lecturer
Justin Rounds Lecturer
Joy Rowley Lecturer
Leon Rozmarin Lecturer
Matt Rubins Lecturer
Allison Ruda AssocDeanCurricStrat&ProdInnov
Robert Ruddy Lecturer
Daya Rudhramoorthi Lecturer
Ivan Rupnik Associate Professor
Carolyn Russo Lecturer
Tony Russo Lecturer
Joe Ryan Lecturer
Youngbok Ryu Assistant Teaching Professor
Name Title


Sam Sacco Lecturer
Solomon Sackitey Lecturer
Reza Sadoddin Lecturer
Razan Salem Lecturer
Clint Saloga Lecturer
Kasun Samarasinghe Lecturer
Bahare Sanaie-Movahed Lecturer
Marc Sanchez Lecturer
Scott Sanders Lecturer
Tova Sanders Associate Teaching Professor
Gus Sanoja Lecturer
Prabagaran Santhanakrishnan Lecturer
Abhijit Sanyal Lecturer
Cartik Saravanamuthu Lecturer
Sandra Sarni-Garlow Lecturer
Leona Saunders Lecturer
Natascha Saunders Lecturer
Anil Sawhney Lecturer
Kenneth Sawka Lecturer
Jennifer Scalise Lecturer
David Scharn Lecturer
Tania Schlatter Lecturer
Jay Schmidt Lecturer
David Schneeweis Lecturer
Rick Schnoll Lecturer
Hans Schwartz Lecturer
Joel Schwartz Lecturer
Gloria Sciuto Lecturer
Lauren Scott Lecturer
Natacha Scott Lecturer
Kreg Segall Lecturer
Anirban Sengupta Lecturer
Jaime Serpas Lecturer
Maria Servellon Lecturer
Velda Shaby Lecturer
Tom Shahood Lecturer
Kamyar Shahrooz Lecturer
Lessia Shajenko Lecturer
Sharad Shandilya Lecturer
Jacqueline Shannon Nonteaching Affiliate
Harvey Shapiro Clinical Professor
Vladimir Shapiro Lecturer
Xiaoling Sheng Lecturer
Amy Shepherd Lecturer
Mary Sherman Lecturer
Sergiy Shevchenko Lecturer
Valeriy Shevchenko Lecturer
Jeffrey Shiffman Lecturer
Barbara Shimer Part-Time Lecturer
Stephen Shinnick Lecturer
Babak Shoraka Lecturer
Stephen Shore Lecturer
Catherine Showalter Assistant Teaching Professor
Jeff Sieloff Lecturer
Christine Sigman Lecturer
Mike Silano Lecturer
Michael Silverman Part-Time Lecturer
Tricia Silverman Lecturer
George Simmons Jr Lecturer
Bradley Simon Lecturer
Jane Skelton Lecturer
Stephen Slaner Lecturer
Egle Slezas Lecturer
Craig Smallwood Lecturer
Beth Smith Lecturer
Donald Smith Lecturer
Gregory Smith Lecturer
Jeffrey Smith Lecturer
Lois Smith Lecturer
Matthew Smith Lecturer
Molly Smith Asst Teaching Prof &Assoc Dean
Steve Smith Lecturer
Dustin Snider Lecturer
Jessica Snow Lecturer
Steven Soares Lecturer
David Sobel Lecturer
Ligin Solamen Lecturer
Rossetta Sornabala Part-Time Lecturer
Andrea Spector Lecturer
Lisa St. Laurent Lecturer
Jason St.Claire Lecturer
Christopher Starck Lecturer
Charles Starrett Lecturer
Adam Stearn Lecturer
Gabriela Steier Lecturer
Les Stein Assistant Teaching Professor
Mike Stone Associate Teaching Professor
Brendan Sullivan Lecturer
Leslie Sullivan Lecturer
Grazia Svokos Lecturer
Amy Swain Lecturer
Rich Swanson Assistant Teaching Professor
Heather Swenddal Part-Time Lecturer
Balazs Szelenyi Associate Teaching Professor
Name Title


Benedict Tafoya Lecturer
Carmen Taglienti Part-Time Lecturer
Camay Tan Lecturer
Helen Tanona Lecturer
Anna Taranova Lecturer
Keisha Taylor Lecturer
Walter Teppo Lecturer
John Terpinas Professor of the Practice
Robert Tess Lecturer
Susan Thackeray Lecturer
Galini Thoidis Lecturer
Georgia Thoidis Lecturer
Adam Thomas Lecturer
Kenneth Thomas Lecturer
Michael Thomas Lecturer
Corliss Thompson Associate Teaching Professor
Lawrence Tinsley Lecturer
Brad Tober Lecturer
Christopher Toher Part-Time Lecturer
Caryl Ann Tolchinsky Lecturer
LyNea Tomas Lecturer
Maria Tomeho-Palermino Part-Time Lecturer
Cidhinnia Torres Campos Lecturer
Edward Trachtenberg Lecturer
Linda Tribuzio Lecturer
Mykhaylo Trubskyy Lecturer
Lisa Trujillo Lecturer
Michael Trust Lecturer
Clayton Trutor Part-Time Lecturer
Esther Tutella-Chen Assistant Academic Specialist
Name Title


Gretchen Ulrich Lecturer
Chris Unger Teaching Professor
Name Title


Judith Van Wormer Lecturer
Thomas Vaughn Lecturer
Silvani Vejar Assistant Academic Specialist
Alakh Verma Lecturer
Dina Veygman Lecturer
Louise Michelle Vital Lecturer
Dan Volchok Lecturer
Lisa Volpicelli Lecturer
Eugene Von Taube Lecturer
Paula Vosburgh Lecturer
Melissa Vozza Lecturer
Name Title


Roy Wada Nonteaching Affiliate
Gregg Wahhab Lecturer
Katherine Wahl Lecturer
Kristilyn Waite Lecturer
CJ Walker Lecturer
Douglas Walker Lecturer
Elaine Walker Lecturer
Marsha Wallace Lecturer
Christopher Waller Lecturer
Marian Walsh Lecturer
Martin Walsh Lecturer
Richard Wamai Lecturer
Mimi Wan Lecturer
Maria Wang Lecturer
Yiqing Wang Lecturer
Richard Wargo Lecturer
Jamie Warner Lecturer
John Warren Lecturer
Adam Waterson Lecturer
Natalya Watson Associate Teaching Professor
Thomas Watson Lecturer
Britt Watwood Lecturer
Peter Wegner Lecturer
Richard Wein Lecturer
Jacob Weintraub Lecturer
Cody Weisbach Lecturer
Mitchell Weisberg Lecturer
Richard Weissman Lecturer
Roy Weissman Lecturer
Trafford Welden Part-Time Lecturer
Amanda Welsh Professor of the Practice
Elizabeth Wenzel Lecturer
Patricia Wermers Lecturer
Robert Westwater Lecturer
Marsha White Lecturer
Susan White Lecturer
Kirsten Whitten Lecturer
Afi Wiggins Lecturer
Jamie Wilcox Lecturer
Daniel Willey Lecturer
Ashley Williams Lecturer
Dorothy Williams Lecturer
Jeffrey Williams Lecturer
Jermaine Williams Lecturer
Soyini Wilson Lecturer
Bryan Wint Lecturer
Edward Witten Lecturer
Jennifer Wojcik Lecturer
Pamela Wojnar Associate Teaching Professor
Douglas Wolf Lecturer
John Wolfe Associate Teaching Professor
Van Wong Lecturer
Matthew Woodlief Lecturer
Michael Woodson Lecturer
Elijah Wreh Lecturer
Jonathan Wright Lecturer
Justin Wright Lecturer
Scott Wright Lecturer
Ming-Yi Wu Lecturer
Thomas Wylie Lecturer
Name Title


Vera Yanovsky Lecturer
Zahid Yaqoob Lecturer
Kelvin Yip Lecturer
Michael Yonce Lecturer
Mark Yorra Lecturer
Carol Young Assistant Teaching Professor
Lydia Young Associate Teaching Professor
Nancy Young Assistant Teaching Professor
Na Yu Lecturer
Name Title


Adel Zadeh Associate Teaching Professor
Christos Zahopoulos Associate Professor
Carl Zangerl Associate Teaching Professor
Samantha Zappia Lecturer
Benjamin Zauski Lecturer
Lin Zhou Assistant Teaching Professor
Xiaomu Zhou Associate Teaching Professor
Morteza Ziyadi Lecturer
Alan Zulick Lecturer
Elizabeth Zulick Associate Teaching Professor