Thomas Wylie



Thomas Wylie has been teaching at Northeastern University since 2013, after ten years as Senior Vice President and Provost at New England Institute of Technology in RI, where he is Provost Emeritus.  He has eighteen years’ experience at community colleges serving as Vice President, Academic Dean, Campus Dean, and Executive Dean of Institutional Effectiveness; in urban and rural settings.  He credentials include an MA and Ed.D from UMASS/Amherst; the latter with a concentration in higher education administration, and dissertation on international students in US higher education.

His career began as a Peace Corps Volunteer with a teaching assignment in the Philippines, followed by VISTA service and appointment as VISTA Trainer, with a focus on community organizer.  He has extensive experience in accreditation, strategic planning, and consulting including as a peer reviewer for applicants to the Fulbright Specialist Program, and Media Arts applicants to the National Endowment for the Arts.


EdD from University of Massachusetts Amherst (1993)

Professional Experience

Extensive experience with higher education administration in public and private sectors.  Special accomplishments with accreditation, planning, and the management and supervision of academic affairs.