We’ll meet you where you are, work with you to transform your most ambitious goals into manageable steps, and help you unleash your potential.

Whether you want to expand your abilities as a change agent, study a topic that inspires you, earn a promotion or start a new career with a respected credential and the expertise that comes with it, we’ve got the flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule, the resources to elevate your education and the networks to help you thrive.

Hands-on Learning

We embrace experience: what you’ve done and what you will do. So we give you credit for it, our faculty embody it, and we incorporate it into every class you’ll take. Our curricula combine theory and practice so you’ll gain in-demand skills as you solve real business problems. Just as your studies will immediately inform your work, your work will continuously inform your studies.

A Promising Future

We want to make you robot-proof. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are on the rise (you can study both here). We see that not as a frightening obstacle but as an extraordinary opportunity. So we teach both the expertise and the habits of mind to give you literacy in the technological, data-driven, and irreducibly human aspects of your chosen discipline.

Lasting Connections

We believe in community, also known as networks: Personal networks, professional networks, and learning networks. We believe sustained conversations among dedicated learners fuel lifelong growth and professional success. We’ll help you start those conversations, and we’ll give you the tools and platforms to keep them going. With more than 257,000 alumni across 180 countries worldwide, we’re well positioned to do so.

A Vibrant, Collaborative Community

We’re committed to inclusion. Like all of Northeastern’s nine colleges, we welcome and celebrate underrepresented voices. We believe that pursuits, policies and business models that generate inclusive prosperity are the best way forward. We foster collaboration across traditional boundaries of industry and education, pairing the insights of the latest research with the durable lessons of workplace practice. And we recruit and retain a diverse faculty of scholar practitioners and professional leaders who know what it means to follow your passion and create a life and career in alignment with your highest aspirations.

So, if you’re ready, join us. We’re always going your way.

Programs & Pathways

Explore the programs that will give you the knowledge to succeed and the practical, in-demand skills to stand out.

Undergraduate Programs

Get a competitive edge with undergraduate degrees in rapidly expanding industries such as biotechnology, information technology, health management, and finance.

Graduate Programs

Further your goals with master’s degree programs and graduate certificates in project management, regulatory affairs, analytics, and more.

Doctoral Programs

Define your career with a doctoral degree in education, law and policy, or physical therapy.

Doctoral Graduate Earns Fulbright Specialist and Huntington 100 Honors

Cherron Payne ’20 was recently accepted into the Fulbright Specialist Program. This prestigious initiative sends out 400 U.S. faculty and professionals every year to serve as expert consultants at academic, cultural, and non-governmental institutions.

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