CPS Admissions Policies

Graduate Special Student Status

Transfer Credit Policies

English Language Proficiency Exam Scores 

English Language proficiency exam scores are valid for two calendar years from the date of the exam.

Application Withdrawal Due to Inactivity

Request to Withdraw an Application 

Academic Deferrals & Enrollment Deposits

An acceptance to the College of Professional Studies is valid for one academic year. Students can request deferral of their acceptance by filling out our form (excludes the Doctor of Law & Policy Program).

Please note that for accepted students who have paid their CPS enrollment deposit but do not start in their original accepted start term, they must request to defer the acceptance or enroll within two terms of the accepted term; otherwise the enrollment deposit may be forfeited. These requests can be made by filling out our form.


Please be aware that the University’s academic policy on plagiarism is defined as using the words, ideas, data, code, or other original academic material of another without providing proper citation or attribution. This includes our admissions process.