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Registering for Classes

Registration for CPS classes takes place through the University’s online student information system.

Registration Instructions

Learn how to register as a bachelor’s completion or graduate student for a lifetime of learning experiences.

To register for classes, you must access the University’s online student information system, which can be accessed through the myNortheastern web portal. Registration instructions on the Registrar’s website are located here. If you have questions as you register for CPS classes, please contact Learner Services. A Learner Services representative can help assist with any questions you may have such as course registration, important dates, and deadlines.

Register Now on myNortheastern

If you have a myNortheastern account:

I have been admitted into a CPS program
I have been granted Special Student Status while I complete the rest of my graduate application
I am enrolled in a CPS program, but I haven’t registered for any classes in over a year
I work at Northeastern and I have a myNortheastern faculty/staff account, but I would like to register for classes

If you do not have a myNortheastern account:

I’m interested in registering for an undergraduate-level class or classes without enrolling in a CPS degree program for Personal or Professional Enrichment (PPE)
I’m interested in registering for an undergraduate-level class or classes now and intend to apply for a CPS bachelor’s completion degree program later
I want to take a graduate-level class or classes without enrolling in a degree program, for personal or professional enrichment
I intend to register for a class and have the credits applied towards a degree program at CPS

If you don’t know if you have an account

Newly admitted students will receive information about setting up a MyNortheastern account upon acceptance.

*Students who wish to add a course already in progress should consult with the instructor before adding the course to determine the feasibility of catching up and succeeding in the course.

Search the course catalog for a complete listing of all classes offered through the College of Professional Studies.

Course Formats

We offer a variety of course formats to accommodate your busy schedule. Our courses can be completed online, on-campus, or through a combination of online and face-to-face learning.

Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies operates on a semester term structure at the undergraduate level and a quarter term structure at the graduate level.
Undergraduate courses are offered in 7.5-week, and 15-week sessions each semester: fall (September and October start dates), spring (January and March start dates), and summer (May and July start dates). Entry terms vary by program.
Graduate courses are offered in 6-week and 12-week sessions each term: fall (September and October start dates), winter (January and February start dates), spring (April and May start dates), summer (July and August start dates). Entry terms vary by program.

On-Campus (On-Ground)
Classes meet every week on campus for face-to-face contact with students and instructors.

Lectures, lessons, and exercises are completed online over the course of the term.

Classes combine on-campus and online instruction. The majority of the contact hours are conducted face-to-face. The rest of the instruction is delivered online.


View available syllabi here

If you have questions about your courses or registration, please contact Learner Services:

Take a Course

Many of our students take classes for personal and professional enrichment, or take one or two classes while applying to a degree program. Learn how you can enroll in a class today!

I Am Here

Enjoy a seamless online attendance verification process at the beginning of every term.

As part of the College of Professional Studies’ (CPS) continuous efforts to streamline the student registration and enrollment processes, CPS adopted the University’s online attendance verification process called “I Am Here.” All CPS undergraduate and graduate students who have registered for classes need to complete “I Am Here,” including students taking a class while on co-op, nonmatriculated students, and students taking online classes.

CPS students must complete “I Am Here” for all terms (including half terms and special terms) in which they are registered for classes. CPS “I Am Here” starts at 8:00 am on the first day of classes and runs until the following Sunday (adjusts for holidays).

How to Complete the “I Am Here” Process

When you log into myNortheastern, a box will pop up and prompt you to complete the “I Am Here” process; follow the instructions to complete the process.  You will not be able to proceed to the other services in your myNortheastern account until you complete “I Am Here.”

Confirm your “I Am Here” was successful by viewing your “I Am Here” status on My Schedule via myNortheastern. Be sure to check your status before the deadline.

NOTE: If you do not see the “I Am Here” screen after logging into myNortheastern, then click here.

IMPORTANT: After completing and submitting the form, please print or save a copy of the confirmation page for your records; if there are any issues, proof of your completion will be needed to help you re-enroll in courses.

The Drop Process

If you fail to complete “I Am Here,” your classes will be dropped and you will receive an email informing you as such. Please wait until you receive this email before you attempt to re-register for classes. Once you re-register for classes, the process is complete; you do not need to complete “I Am Here” after this point.

If you will not be taking classes this term, please drop them from your schedule. If you need to contact the college, whether in person or via email, please bring your NUID number with you, or include it in your email. To find your NUID, log in to your myNortheastern account. Your NUID is located in the profile panel below your name. Your NUID is not the number on the front of your Husky Card. 

Please reference the Office of the Registrar website for drop deadlines.

What Can I Do on myNortheastern?

Please note: The registration process may be different for new students, summer only students, and students who have been absent for over a year, so be sure to review the Registration Instructions.

Students who wish to add a course already in progress are strongly advised to consult with the instructor before adding the course to determine the feasibility of catching up and succeeding in the course.

*Many of our on-campus courses also include an online learning component. Refer to our course schedules for details when you register.


Check to see what courses you need to take before enrolling in your desired class. “Prerequisite” courses must be completed before enrolling in the course in question. “Corequisite” courses must be taken at the same time as the course in question. Please note that the information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is subject to change.

ACC 3201Fin Reporting & Analysis 1ACC 2100 D- 
ACC 3202Fin Reporting & Analysis 2ACC 3201 D- 
Principles of AuditingACC 3202 D-
ACC 3410Principles of TaxationACC 3201 D- 
ACC 4320Financial Statement Analysis( ACC 3202 D-
OR ACC 4307 D- )
AND FIN 3310 D-   
AND    ACC 3410 D- Concurrent
ACC 4410Advanced TaxationACC 3410 D- 
ACC 4420Advanced Accounting( ACC 3202 D- 
OR ACC 4307 D- )
AND    ACC 3410 D-
ACC 6230Investigative Acc & Fraud ExamACC 6210 C-   
AND    ACC 6220 C-
ALY 2010Probability Theory and Introductory StatisticsMTH 1100 D-
ALY 2100Intro Prog for Data AnalyticsMTH 2400 D-
OR PHL 2310 D-
ALY 3015Intermediate Statistics for DataALY 2010 D-
ALY 3040Data MiningALY 2100 D-
AND ALY 3015 D-
ALY 3070Communication and Visual Data AnalyticsALY 2100 D-
AND ALY 3015 D-
ALY 3110Big Data and Web Mining( ALY 2100 D-
OR CET 2200 D- )
AND ALY 3015 D-
ALY 4000Analytics Using RALY 2010 D-
ALY 4020Predictive Analytics Using R and PythonALY 2100 D-
AND ALY 3015 D-
ALY 4850Analytics CapstoneALY 2010 D-
AND ALY 2100 D-
AND ALY 3015 D-
AND ALY 3040 D-
AND ALY 3070 D-
AND ALY 3110 D-
AND ALY 4000 D-
AND ALY 4020 D-
ALY 6010Prob Theory and Intro StatsALY 6000 C- Concurrent
ALY 6015Intermediate AnalyticsALY 6000 C-
AND ALY 6010 C-
ALY 6020Predictive AnalyticsALY 6015 C-
AND ALY 6070 C-
ALY 6030Data Warehousing and SQLALY 6000 C-
AND ALY 6015 C-
ALY 6040Data Mining Applications( ALY 6000 C-
AND ALY 6010 C- )
OR ( EAI 6000 C-
AND EAI 6010 C- )
ALY 6050Intro to Enterprise AnalyticsALY 6000 C-
AND ALY 6010 C-
ALY 6070Communication/Visual Data AnalyticsALY 6000 C-
AND ALY 6010 C-
ALY 6080Integrated Experiential LearningALY 6015 C-
AND ALY 6050 C-
AND ALY 6070 C-
ALY 6110Data Management and Big Data( ALY 6000 C-
AND ALY 6010 C- )
OR ( EAI 6000 C-
AND EAI 6010 C- )
ALY 6150Healthcare/Pharma Data & Appls( ALY 6000 C- Concurrent
AND ALY 6010 C- )
OR ( EAI 6000 C-
AND EAI 6010 C- )
ALY 6160Business Intelligence in Healthcare/PharmaceuticalALY 6000 C- Concurrent
AND ALY 6010 C-
ALY 6170Decision MakersALY 6000 C
AND ALY 6010 C
ALY 6980CapstoneALY 6080 C-
AND ALY 6040 C-
AND ( ( ALY 6110 C-
AND ALY 6020 C- )
OR ( ALY 6120 C-
AND ALY 6060 C- )
OR ( EAI 6000 C-
AND EAI 6010 C- ) )
AND ALY 6000 C-
AND ALY 6010 C-
AND ALY 6015 C-
AND ALY 6050 C-
AND ALY 6070 C-
ALY 6983Special TopicsALY 6000 C-
AND ALY 6010 C-
APL 6100Adv Tech in Logistics & DistrAPL 6000 C-
AND APL 6030 C-
ART 2200Comp Graphics/Desktop PublishART 2000 D- 
AVM 3100Nondestructive TestingAVM 2400 D
AVM 4100MechatronicsEET 3100 D
AND MET 4100 D
AVM 4150AutomationEET 3800 D-
AND MTH 2105 D-
AVM 4250Hydraulics and PneumaticsMTH 2105 D-
AND PHY 1200 D-
AVM 4300Advanced Manufacturing and Additive ProcessAVM 1150 D 
BIO 1100Principles of Biology 1 BIO 1101
BIO 1101Lab for BIO 1100 BIO 1100
BIO 1200Principles of Biology 2BIO 1100 D-   
AND    BIO 1101 D-
BIO 1201
BIO 1201Lab for BIO 1200BIO 1100 D-   
AND    BIO 1101 D-
BIO 1200
BIO 1600Human Anatomy & Physiology 1BIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BIO 1601
BIO 1601Lab for BIO 1600BIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BIO 1600
BIO 1700Human Anatomy & Physiology 2BIO 1600 D-   
AND    BIO 1601 D-
BIO 1701
BIO 1701Lab for BIO 1700BIO 1600 D-   
AND    BIO 1601 D-
BIO 1700
BIO 2100MicrobiologyBIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BIO 2101
BIO 2101Lab for BIO 2100BIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BIO 2100
BIO 2300Cell BiologyBIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BIO 2500Genetics & Molecular BiologyBIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BIO 2501
BIO 2501Lab for BIO 2500BIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BIO 2500
BIO 3100BiochemistryBIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BIO 3101
BIO 3101Lab for BIO 3100BIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BIO 3100
BIO 4215Human ParasitologyBIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BIO 4850Biological Sciences Sr ProjectBIO 2300 D-   
AND    BIO 2500 D-
BTC 1300Introduction to BiotechnologyBIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BTC 1301
BTC 1301Lab for BTC 1300BIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
BTC 1300
BTC 4200Genomics, Proteomics, & BioinfBTC 1300 D-   
AND    BIO 2500 D-
BTC 4300Biotech/Pharmaceutical ProcessBTC 1300 D-   
AND    BIO 2300 D-
BTC 4301
BTC 4301Lab for BTC 4300BTC 1301 D
AND BIO 2300 D
BTC 4300
BTC 4450Quality Cntrl/Validatn IssuesBTC 1300 D-
AND ( MTH 2300 D- 
OR  MTH 2310 D- 
OR  MTH 3300 D- )
BTC 4850Biotechnology Senior ProjectBIO 2300 D-
AND  BIO 2500 D-
BTC 6211Validatn & Auditing Clin TrialRGA 6000 C-
AND RGA 6001 C-
AND BTC 6210 C-
BTC 6213Clinical Trial Dsgn Optimizatn( BTC 6210 C-
AND RGA 6000 C- )
OR RGA 6001 C-
CED 6010Applied Microeconomic Theory 1CED 6050 C-
CED 6011Applied Microeconomic Theory 2CED 6010 C-
CED 6021Applied Macroeconomic Theory 2CED 6020 C-
CED 6031Math Methods for Economics 2CED 6030 C-
CED 6040Applied EconometricsCED 6030 C- 
CED 6041Applied Econometrics IICED 6030 C-
AND CED 6040 C-
CED 6051Open Econ Macro AnalysisCED 6050 C-
CED 6910Capstone: Master’s ProjectCED 6030 C-    
AND    CED 6040 C-
AND CED 6050 C-
CET 2100Essentials of Computer OrgGET 1100 D- Concurrent
OR    ITC 1200 D- Concurrent
CET 2200Data Structures & AlgorithmsALY 2100 D-
OR GET 2100 D-   
OR    ITC 2100 D-
CET 2300Object-Oriented ProgrammingCET 2200 D- 
CET 3000Computer Operating SystemsCET 2100 D-   
AND    CET 2200 D-
CET 3100Networking & Comm TechCET 2100 D-
AND CET 2200 D-
CET 4210RoboticsCET 2100 D-   
AND    EET 3100 D-   
AND    EET 3300 D-
CET 4220Embedded SystemsCET 2100 D-   
AND    EET 3300 D-
CHM 1100General Chemistry 1 CHM 1101
CHM 1101Lab for CHM 1100 CHM 1100
CHM 1200General Chemistry 2CHM 1100 D-   
AND    CHM 1101 D-
CHM 1201
CHM 1201Lab for CHM 1200CHM 1100 D-   
AND    CHM 1101 D-
CHM 1200
CHM 2110Organic Chemistry 1CHM 1200 D-   
AND    CHM 1201 D-
CHM 2111
CHM 2111Lab for CHM 2110CHM 1200 D-   
AND    CHM 1201 D-
CHM 2110
CHM 2200Organic Chemistry 2CHM 2110 D-   
AND    CHM 2111 D-
CHM 2201
CHM 2201Lab for CHM 2200CHM 2110 D-   
AND    CHM 2111 D-
CHM 2200
CHM 2300Analytical ChemistryCHM 1200 D-   
AND    CHM 1201 D-
CHM 2301
CHM 2301Lab for CHM 2300CHM 1200 D-   
AND    CHM 1201 D-
CHM 2300
CMMN 1102Public SpeakingCMMN 1103
CMMN 1103Public Speaking DiscussionCMMN 1102
CMN 2310Professional SpeakingENG 1103 D-   
OR    ENG 1105 D-
CMN 3100NegotiationCMN 1100 D-   
OR    CMN 1103 D-   
OR    CMN 2210 D-
CMN 3220Intro to Public RelationsCMN 1100 D- 
CMN 3340Gender & CommunicationCMN 1100 D-
OR CMN 1103 D-
OR CMN 2210 D-
CMN 3350Intercultural CommunicationCMN 1100 D-   
OR    CMN 1103 D-   
OR    CMN 2210 D-
CMN 3360Crisis Communication( CMN 1100 D- 
OR  CMN 1103 D- 
OR  CMN 2210 D- )
AND    CMN 2310 D-
CMN 3400Adv Organizational CommCMN 1100 D-   
OR    CMN 1103 D-   
OR    CMN 2210 D-
CMN 3750Inbound Marketing Fund.CMN 3200 D-
AND CMN 3700 D-
CMN 3800Design & Implement Promo CmpnMKT 3010 D-
CMN 3850Managing Communication PrjctsCMN 3800 D-
CMN 4850Capstone in Prof CommCMN 4220 D- 
CMN 6000Intro to Org Communication INT 6000
CMN 6010Strategic Communication MgmtCMN 6000 C- 
CMN 6065Implement Mgmt Media ChannelsCMN 6045 C- 
CMN 6075Digital Marketing AnalyticsCMN 6910 C-
CMN 6910Organizational Cmn AssessmntCMN 6010 C-    
CMN 6940Projects for ProfessionalsCMN 6020 C
AND CMN 6910 C
DGM 6108Prog Foundations for Dig MediaDGM 6109
DGM 6109Lab for DGM 6108DGM 6108
DGM 6122Fndtns of Digital StorytellingDGM 6105 C-   
AND    DGM 6501 C-
DGM 6125Time-Based MediaDGM 6122 C- 
DGM 6217Typography for InteractivityDGM 6105 C- 
DGM 6230Digital Media EntrepreneurshpDGM 6280 C-
DGM 6268Usable Design – Mobile Dig MedDGM 6168 C- 
DGM 6308Intermediate Prog For Dig MedDGM 6108 C-
OR DGM 6501 C- Concurrent
DGM 6322Advanced Digital StorytellingDGM 6122 C- 
DGM 6403Game Engine FundamentalsDGM 6400 C
DGM 6405Game DevelopmentDGM 6403 C- 
DGM 6410Game Design Tech LabDGM 6405 C- 
DGM 6435Digital Video ProductionDGM 6506 C- Concurrent 
DGM 6440Editing in the Digital StudioDGM 6435 C- 
DGM 6450Animation BasicsDGM 6105 C- 
DGM 6451Web DevelopmentDGM 6108 C-   
AND    DGM 6521 C-
DGM 6461Interactive Info Design 1DGM 6168 C- Concurrent
OR    TCC 6120 C- Concurrent
DGM 6463Interactive Info Design 2DGM 6461 C-   
AND    DGM 6217 C-
DGM 6471Designing InfographicsDGM 6461 C-
AND DGM 6217 C-
DGM 65103D ModelingDGM 6505 C-    
AND    DGM 6450 C-
DGM 6516Virtual and Augmented RealityDGM 6506 C- 
DGM 6525Research Mthds Global User ExpDGM 6168 C-  
DGM 6530Character AnimationDGM 6450 C-   
AND    DGM 6510 C-
DGM 6535Rigging Principles/TechniquesDGM 6530 C- 
DGM 6540Compositing( DGM 6515 C- Concurrent
AND  DGM 6530 C- )   
OR    DGM 6440 C-
DGM 6545Documentary/Nonfiction ProdDGM 6430 C-   
OR    DGM 6440 C-
DGM 6550SEO Strategy & ImplementationDGM 6461 C-
AND DGM 6285 C-
EAI 6020AI System TechnologiesEAI 6000 C- Concurrent
AND EAI 6010 C- Concurrent
EAI 6030Usability & Human InteractionEAI 6000 C- Concurrent
AND EAI 6010 C- Concurrent
EDU 6064Curriculum and AssessmentEDU 6104 C- Concurrent
AND    EDU 6107 C- Concurrent
EDU 6086Foundations of LiteracyEDU 6104 C- Concurrent
AND    EDU 6107 C- Concurrent
EDU 6122Teaching the Language ArtsEDU 6104 C- Concurrent
AND    EDU 6107 C- Concurrent
EDU 6124Teaching History & Soc StudiesEDU 6104 C- Concurrent
AND    EDU 6107 C- Concurrent
EDU 6127Teaching ScienceEDU 6104 C- Concurrent
AND    EDU 6107 C- Concurrent
EDU 6129Teaching MathEDU 6104 C- Concurrent
AND    EDU 6107 C- Concurrent
EDU 6154Inq in Sciences & HumanitiesEDU 6104 C- Concurrent
AND    EDU 6107 C- Concurrent
EDU 6155Inquiry in MathematicsEDU 6104 C- Concurrent
AND    EDU 6107 C- Concurrent
EDU 6162Lang, Culture & Literacy Mid/HEDU 6104 C- Concurrent
AND    EDU 6107 C- Concurrent
EDU 6201Landscape of Higher EducationEDU 6050 C- Concurrent 
EDU 6202Faculty/Curric/Academic CommEDU 6051 C- Concurrent
OR EDU 6204 C-
EDU 6203Educatn Law/Policy/FinanceEDU 6051 C- 
EDU 6205Demograph New College StudentEDU 6051 C-
EDU 6216The College Student ExperienceEDU 6205 C- Concurrent
OR EDU 6447 C- Concurrent
EDU 6218Financial Mgmt in Higher EduEDU 6204 C-
EDU 6219Higher Educ Law and PolicyEDU 6204 C-
AND EDU 6217 C-
EDU 6221Enrollmnt/Retentn/Grad/SuccessEDU 6050 C- 
EDU 6222Contemporary Issues CapstoneEDU 6204 C-
AND EDU 6217 C-
AND EDU 6051 C-
AND EDU 6205 C-
AND EDU 6218 C- Concurrent
AND EDU 6234 C- Concurrent
AND EDU 6219 C- Concurrent
EDU 6224Strategic Leader in Enroll MgtEDU 6050 C-
OR EDU 6204 C-
EDU 6226Budget DevelopmentEDU 6218 C-
EDU 6232Mid-Level Strategic PlanningEDU 6204 C-
AND EDU 6234 C-
EDU 6233Survey DesignEDU 6234 C-
EDU 6236Higher Educ Data and DecisionsEDU 6234 C- Concurrent
EDU 6319How People LearnEDU 6050 C- Concurrent
OR EDU 6204 C-
EDU 6321Models for Learning DesignEDU 6051 C- Concurrent
AND    EDU 6319 C-
EDU 6323Technology Medium for LearningEDU 6051 C- 
EDU 6324Assessment/Learning AnalyticsEDU 6051 C- Concurrent 
EDU 6328Policy and LeadershipEDU 6050 C- 
EDU 6329Connecting Theory and PracticeEDU 6050 C-   
OR    EDU 6204 C-
EDU 6330Digital Media LiteracyEDU 6050 C- Concurrent 
EDU 6331E-Learning Design Collab ProfEDU 6050 C- 
EDU 6332Open LearningEDU 6050 C-
OR EDU 6204 C-
EDU 6334Foundations Learning Exp DesgnEDU 6050 C- Concurrent
AND EDU 6319 C- Concurrent
EDU 6335Adv Practice Learng Exp DesignEDU 6334 C-
EDU 6338Learning Exp Design StudioEDU 6335 C-
EDU 6343Predictive Modeling: AnalyticsEDU 6182 C-
AND EDU 6341 C-
EDU 6344Data Visualization: AnalyticsEDU 6182 C-
EDU 6447The Demographics of Higher EdEDU 6051 C- Concurrent 
EDU 6465Critical and Creative ThinkingEDU 6050 C- Concurrent 
EDU 6866Teaching Practicum & SemEDU 6104 C- 
EDU 6980Interdisciplinary CapstoneEDU 6183 C- 
EDU 7204Global & Historcl Perspect HEEDU 7207 C-
OR EDU 7209 C-
EDU 7210Leadership Theory and ResearchEDU 7209 C- 
EDU 7213Education EntrepreneurshipEDU 7209 C-
OR EDU 7207 C-
EDU 7214Learning and Human DevelopmentEDU 7209 C- 
EDU 7217Ed Sys: Policy/Power/PracticeEDU 7207 C- 
EDU 7218Leadership for Social JusticeEDU 7207 C-
AND EDU 7225 C- Concurrent
EDU 7219Collab, Leadership, and ChangeEDU 7218 C-
AND EDU 7226 C- Concurrent
EDU 7225Fundamentals of ResearchEDU 7207 C- Concurrent
EDU 7226Research DesignEDU 7207 C-
AND EDU 7218 C- Concurrent
AND EDU 7225 C-
EDU 7227Power of Experiential LearningEDU 7207 C-
OR EDU 7209 C-
EDU 7228Exp Lrng, Assessment, & RflctnEDU 7207 C-
OR EDU 7209 C-
EDU 7229Experiential Learning LeaderEDU 7207 C-
OR EDU 7209 C-
EDU 7234Think & Act EntrepreneuriallyEDU 7209 C-
OR EDU 7207 C-
EDU 7235Lead Entrepreneurial PracticesEDU 7209 C-
OR EDU 7207 C-
EDU 7272Organizational Culture/ChangeEDU 7209 C-
OR EDU 7207 C-
EDU 7275Contemp Ldrship PerspectivesEDU 7209 C-
OR EDU 7207 C-
EDU 7276Comm: Teams/Orgs/Glbl NtwrksEDU 7209 C-
OR EDU 7207 C-
EDU 7277Org Learning, Innov, Sys ThinkEDU 7209 C-
OR EDU 7207 C-
EDU 7279Organizational ConsultingEDU 7207 C-
OR EDU 7209 C-
EDU 7280Fundamentals of ResearchEDU 7202 C-   
AND    EDU 7209 C-   
AND    EDU 7210 C-   
AND    EDU 7214 C-
EDU 7281Research DesignEDU 7280 C- 
EDU 7282Quantitative ResearchEDU 7205 C-   
OR    EDU 7208 C-   
OR    EDU 7281 C-
EDU 7283Qualitative ResearchEDU 7205 C-   
OR    EDU 7208 C-   
OR    EDU 7281 C-
EDU 7294Advanced Research Design 1EDU 7207 C-
AND EDU 7218 C-
AND EDU 7219 C-
AND EDU 7225 C-
AND EDU 7226 C-
EDU 7295Dissertation in Practice SemEDU 7294 C-
EDU 7296Adult and Workplace LearningEDU 7209 C-
OR EDU 7207 C-
EDU 7310Advanced Research Design 2EDU 7294 C-
EDU 7311Ed Sys for Justice & EquityEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7312Landscape of Educ LeadershipEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7313Leading and Managing ChangeEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7314Collab Netwrks in Ed LeadershEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7315Landscape of Teaching & LrngEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7316Des Transform Curr & Prof DevEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7317Collab Netwrks in Teach LearnEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7501Designing Workplace LearningEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7502Dynamics of Workplace LearningEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7503Leading the Learning StrategyEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7504DEI in Workplace LearningEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7510Data-Driven Decision MakingEDU 7207 C-
EDU 7511Digital Workplace LearningEDU 7207 C-
EDU 8750Proposal, Action Step, EvalEDU 7295 C-
EDU 8751Proposal and Action Step ContEDU 8750 S
EDU 8752Dissertation in Pract Resear 1EDU 8751 S
EDU 8760Action Research Results & DissEDU 8750 S
EDU 8761Act Res Results & Dissem Cont.EDU 8760 S
EDU 8762Dissertation in Pract Resear 2EDU 8761 S
EDU 8792Doctoral Thesis ContinuationEDU 8791 S 
EDU 8796Thesis ProposalEDU 7282 C-   
OR    EDU 7283 C-
EDU 8797Thesis Data CollectionEDU 8796 S Concurrent 
EDU 8798Thesis Data & PresentationEDU 8797 S Concurrent 
EDU 8799Thesis Findings & DiscussionEDU 8798 S Concurrent 
EDUC 5503Culture/Equity/Power/InfluenceEDUC 1111 D-
EDUC 5504Child & Adolescent DevelopmentEDUC 1111 D-
AND EDUC 1112 D-
EDUC 5570Inclusion, Equity & DiversityEDUC 1111 D-
EET 2000Circuits 1( MTH 2105 D-
OR MTH 2220 D- )
AND PHY 2200 D- Concurrent
AND PHY 2201 D- Concurrent
EET 2001
EET 2001Lab for EET 2000MTH 2105 D-   
AND    PHY 2200 D- Concurrent
AND    PHY 2201 D- Concurrent
EET 2000
EET 2005Circuits AC/DCMTH 2105 D-
AND PHY 1200 D-
AND PHY 1201 D-
EET 2006
EET 2006Lab for EET 2005MTH 2105 D-
AND PHY 1200 D-
AND PHY 1201 D-
EET 2005
EET 2100Circuits 2EET 2000 D-   
AND    EET 2001 D-   
AND    GET 1150 D-   
AND    GET 2100 D-
EET 2101
EET 2101Lab for EET 2100EET 2000 D-   
AND    EET 2001 D-   
AND    GET 1150 D-   
AND    GET 2100 D-
EET 2100
EET 3100Electronics 1( EET 2005 D-  
OR EET 2100 D- )
AND    EET 2006 D-
EET 3101
EET 3101Lab for EET 3100( EET 2100 D- 
AND  EET 2101 D-)
OR ( EET 2005 D-
AND EET 2006 D- )
EET 3100
EET 3200Electronics 2EET 3100 D-   
AND    EET 3101 D-
EET 3201
EET 3201Lab for EET 3200EET 3100 D-   
AND    EET 3101 D-
EET 3200
EET 3300Digital Logic( EET 2100 D- 
AND  EET 2101 D- )
OR ( EET 2005 D-
AND EET 2006 D- )
EET 3301
EET 3301Lab for EET 3300EET 2100 D-   
AND    EET 2101 D-
EET 3300
EET 3400Digital ElectronicsEET 3300 D-   
AND    EET 3301 D-
EET 3401
EET 3401Lab for EET 3400EET 3300 D-   
AND    EET 3301 D-
EET 3400
EET 3750Linear Systems( EET 2005 D-
AND EET 2006 D- )
OR ( EET 2100 D-
AND EET 2101 D- )
AND MTH 3200 D-
EET 3800Control SystemsEET 3750 D- 
ENG 1105College Writing 1 ENG 1106
ENG 1106Lab for ENG 1105 ENG 1105
ENG 1107College Writing 2ENG 1103 C   
OR    ENG 1105 C
ENG 1108
ENG 1108Lab for ENG 1107ENG 1106 SENG 1107
ENG 2105Writing WorkshopENG 1107 CENG 2106
ENG 2106Lab for ENG 2105 ENG 2105
ENG 2451American Literature 2ENG 2450 D- 
ENG 3105Writing for Prof – Sci & EngrENG 1107 C
AND ENG 1108 S
ENG 3106
ENG 3106Lab for ENG 3105 ENG 3105
ENG 3107Writing for Prof – Bus & Soc SENG 1107 C   
AND    ENG 1108 S
ENG 3108
ENG 3108Lab for ENG 3107 ENG 3107
ENG 3220Writing PoetryENG 1107 D- 
ENG 3230Writing FictionENG 1107 D- 
ENG 3240Writing NonfictionENG 1107 D- 
ENG 3260Writing to Inform & PersuadeENG 1107 D- 
ENG 3300Literature & Business LeadrshpENG 1103 D-   
OR    ENG 1105 D-
FIN 3100Finance for New VenturesACC 2100 D-
FIN 3310Financial Institutions & MktsFIN 2105 D- 
FIN 3330Risk Management & InsuranceFIN 2105 D- 
FIN 3340InvestmentsFIN 3310 D- 
FIN 4220Working Capital ManagementFIN 2105 D- 
FIN 4230International FinanceFIN 3310 D- 
FIN 4240Personal Financial PlanningFIN 3330 D-   
AND    FIN 3340 D-
FIN 4250Real Estate FinanceFIN 3310 D- 
GET 2100Computer Engr Program & AnalysMTH 2100 D-   
OR    MTH 2105 D-   
OR    MTH 2110 D-   
OR    MTH 2400 D-  
GET 2200Engineering EconomyMTH 2100 D-   
OR    MTH 2105 D-   
OR    MTH 2110 D-
GET 3100Computer Control Manuf ProcEET 3100 D-
GET 4840Capstone Project Prep/ProposalECN 1200 D-
AND ENG 3105 C
AND ENG 3106 S
GET 4850Capstone Project ExecutionGET 4840 D- 
GIS 5201Advanced Spatial AnalysisGIS 5103 C- Concurrent
OR GIS 5102 C- Concurrent
GIS 6320Free and Open-Source GIS( GIS 5103 C-
OR GIS 5102 C- )
AND GIS 5201 C-
GIS 6330Building Geo Syst at ScaleGIS 5103 C-
OR ( GIS 5101 C-
AND GIS 5102 C- )
GIS 6340GIS CustomizationGIS 5101 C-
OR GIS 5103 C-
GIS 6345Geospatial ProgrammingGIS 5103 C-
OR ( GIS 5101 C-
AND GIS 5102 C-)
GIS 6350Planning a GIS ImplementationGIS 5101 C-
OR 5103 C-
GIS 6360Spatial DatabasesGIS 5103 C-
OR ( GIS 5101 C-
AND GIS 5102 C- )
GIS 6370Internet-Based GISGIS 5101 C-
OR GIS 5103 C-
GIS 6385GIS/CartographyGIS 5103 C-
OR ( GIS 5101 C-
AND GIS 5102 C- )
GIS 6980Capstone( GIS 5103 C-
OR ( GIS 5101 C-
AND GIS 5102 C- ) )
AND GIS 5201 C-
AND RMS 5105 C-
GST 6501Regional Studies: East AsiaGST 6100 C- Concurrent 
GST 6505Reg Studies: SW & Central Asia GST 6100 C- Concurrent 
GST 6506Reg Studies: Latin America GST 6100 C- Concurrent 
GST 6600The Practice of Diplomacy GST 6100 C- 
GST 6920Case Study in Global StudiesGST 6100 C-   
AND    GST 6101 C-   
AND    GST 6109 C-   
AND    GST 6320 C-   
AND   ( GST 6501 C-   
OR    GST 6502 C-   
OR    GST 6503 C-   
OR    GST 6504 C-   
OR    GST 6505 C-   
OR    GST 6506 C- )
HLS 6170Emergency Management CapstoneHLS 6150 C Concurrent
AND HLS 6160 C Concurrent
HLS 6983Topics in Homeland SecurityHLS 6000 C-
AND HLS 6010 C-
AND HLS 6020 C-
AND HLS 6030 C-
AND HLS 6040 C-
AND HLS 6050 C-
HLS 7990ThesisHLS 6010 C Concurrent
AND HLS 6020 C Concurrent
AND HLS 6030 C Concurrent
AND HLS 6040 C Concurrent
AND HLS 6050 C Concurrent
AND GST 6109 C Concurrent
HMG 2100Healthcare OperationsHMG 1100 D-   
OR    MGT 1100 D-
HMG 2110Health Law and RegulationHMG 1100 D-   
OR    MGT 1100 D-
HMG 3210Health InformaticsHMG 1100 D-   
OR    MGT 1100 D-
HMG 3220Risk Mgmt & Quality AssuranceHMG 2100 D- 
HMG 3225Public HealthHMG 1100 D-   
OR    MGT 1100 D-
HMG 4210Healthcare PolicyHMG 3225 D-   
OR    HSV 3300 D-
HMG 4850Healthcare Management CapstoneHMG 4210 D- 
HMG 4994InternshipHMG 3220 D- 
HRM 2320Human Resources ManagementMGT 1100 D-   
OR    HMG 1100 D-
HRM 6025Workforce AnalyticsHRM 6015 C-
HRM 6035Digital HR PlatformsHRM 6015 C-
HRM 6042Strategic Workforce PlanningHRM 6025 C-
HRM 6072Global & Comp. Emp RelationsHRM 6070 C-
HRM 6074Global Talent Acq. & MobilityHRM 6070 C-
HRM 6076International CompensationHRM 6070 C-
HRM 6940Projects for ProfessionalsHRM 6015 C
AND HRM 6025 C
AND HRM 6042 C
HSC 3300EpidemiologyMTH 2300 D-   
OR    MTH 2310 D-   
OR    MTH 3300 D-
HSC 3310PathophysiologyBIO 1200 D-   
AND    BIO 1201 D-
HSC 3320PharmacologyCHM 1200 D-   
AND    CHM 1201 D-
HSC 4850Project in Health ScienceHSC 3300 D- 
HSV 2200Intro to Clinical PracticeHSV 1100 D-   
OR    PSY 1100 D-   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1210 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1210 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )
HSV 2240Human Behavior in Socl EnvironSOC 1100 D-
OR PSY 1100 D-
HSV 3200Tech in Indiv & Group CounselgHSV 2200 D- 
HSV 3300Social Welfare/Policy/ServicesHSV 1100 D-   
OR    PSY 1100 D-   
OR    SOC 1100 D-   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1210 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1210 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )
HSV 3350Research Methods in HSVHSV 1100 D-   
AND   ( MTH 2300 D-   
OR    MTH 2310 D-   
OR    MTH 3300 D- )
HSV 3400Volunteer PracticumHSV 3300 D- 
HSV 4850Human Services CapstoneHSV 3400 D- 
HSV 6980CapstoneHSV 6100 C-   
AND    HSV 6110 C-   
AND    HSV 6120 C-   
AND    HSV 6630 C-   
AND    HSV 6640 C-   
AND    HSV 6160 C-
INS 6050Intermed Insurance AnalyticsINS 6040 C-
INS 6120Macro Challenges in InsuranceINS 6010 C-
AND INS 6030 C-
AND INS 6040 C-
INS 6130Advanced ReinsuranceINS 6010 C-
AND INS 6030 C-
INS 6140Distribution and SalesINS 6040 C-
INT 2964Experiential ProjectINT 2000 S Concurrent
INT 5964Projects for ProfessionalsINT 6200 S
OR EDU 6184 C-
INT 6000Writing Lab CMN 6000
ITC 2100Intro to Programming (Java)MTH 2100 D-   
OR    MTH 2105 D-   
OR    MTH 2110 D-   
OR    MTH 2400 D-
ITC 2200Networking FoundationsITC 1200 D-   
AND    ITC 2000 D-
ITC 2300Database Management SystemsITC 2000 D- 
ITC 2430E-Commerce SystemsMGT 1100 D- 
ITC 3100Adv App Development (Android)ITC 2100 D-   
OR    GET 2100 D-   
OR    CET 2200 D-
ITC 3150Database WebsitesITC 2300 D-   
AND    ITC 2400 D-
ITC 3220Mobile & Wireless NetworkingITC 2200 D- 
ITC 3250UNIX Systems AdministrationITC 1200 D- 
ITC 3300Structured Query Lang (SQL)ITC 2300 D- 
ITC 3320Data Warehousing TechnologiesITC 2300 D- 
ITC 3400Web Design and MultimediaITC 2400 D- 
ITC 3500IT Project ManagementITC 2100 D-
AND ITC 2200 D-
AND ITC 2300 D-
AND ITC 2400 D-
ITC 4200Network SecurityITC 2200 D- 
ITC 4260Database AdministrationITC 3300 D- 
ITC 4600Information Security MgmtITC 2200 D-   
AND    ITC 2300 D-
ITC 4690Software Engr and SecurityCET 2200 C- 
ITC 4840Preparation for IT ProjectITC 4500 D- Concurrent 
ITC 4850Information Tech ProjectITC 4840 D- 
ITC 4973Topics in Emerging Info TechITC 2100 D-
ITC 6040Informatics CapstoneITC 6000 C-   
AND    ITC 6010 C-   
AND    ITC 6020 C-   
AND    ITC 6035 C-      
AND    ITC 6400 C-
AND    INT 6940 C-
ITC 6450Adv. Cloud Comp. Apps. Mgmt.ITC 6420 C- Concurrent
ITC 6490Ethical HackingITC 6320 C-
ITC 6520Network Protect & Cloud SecITC 6300 C-
AND ITC 6420 C-
ITC 6530Security AnalyticsITC 6300 C-
LDR 3200Leading & Managing ChangeLDR 1200 D-   
OR    CMN 2210 D-   
OR    HRM 2350 D-   
OR    LDR 1203 D-   
OR    LDR 1501 D-   
OR    MGT 2100 D-   
OR    MGT 2310 D-
LDR 3250Leading Teams Local & VirtualLDR 1200 D-   
OR    CMN 2210 D-   
OR    HRM 2350 D-   
OR    LDR 1203 D-   
OR    LDR 1501 D-   
OR    MGT 2100 D-   
OR    MGT 2310 D-
LDR 3300Innovative LeadershipLDR 1200 D-
AND LDR 3200 D-
LDR 3400EvidenceBased Ldrshp/Decsn Mkg( LDR 1200 D-   
OR    CMN 2210 D-   
OR    HRM 2350 D-   
OR    LDR 1203 D-   
OR    LDR 1501 D- )   
AND   ( MTH 2300 D-   
OR    MTH 2310 D-   
OR    MTH 3300 D-
OR ALY 2010 D- )
LDR 4850Strategic Decision MakingLDR 3400 D- 
LDR 6120Develop Org Success Ldr DevLDR 6100 C- 
LDR 6140LDR Strategy, Design and PracLDR 6100 C-   
AND    LDR 6120 C-
LDR 6150Innov. and Org. TransformationLDR 6100 C-   
AND    LDR 6110 C-
LDR 6895Capstone: Leadership in ActionLDR 6890 C-
LDR 7980Capstone: Leadership in ActionLDR 6100 C-   
AND    LDR 6120 C-   
AND    LDR 6140 C-
LWP 6404Evaluation ResearchLWP 6424 C-
LWP 6420Quantitative MethodsLWP 6424 C-
LWP 6423Qualitative MethodsLWP 6424 C-
LWP 6500Doctoral Research Design 1LWP 6424 C-
AND LWP 6420 C-
AND LWP 6404 C-
LWP 6501Doctoral Research Design 2LWP 6500 C- 
LWP 6503Doctoral Research Design 4LWP 6502 C- 
MET 2000Engr CAD/Tolerance AnalysisGET 1150 D- 
MET 2020Comp Solid Modlg/Vrtl SimulatnMET 2000 D- 
MET 2040Engineering Manufacturing ProcMET 2020 D-   
AND   ( ( CHM 1100 D- Concurrent
AND    CHM 1101 D- Concurrent )   
OR   ( BIO 1100 D- Concurrent
AND    BIO 1101 D- Concurrent ) )
MET 2100Mechanics 1: StaticsPHY 1200 D- Concurrent
AND    PHY 1201 D- Concurrent
AND   ( MTH 2100 D-   
OR    MTH 2105 D-   
OR    MTH 2110 D- )
MET 2200Mechanics 2: DynamicsMET 2100 D-   
AND    MTH 2105 D-
AND    GET 2100 D-
AND    PHY 1200 D-   
AND    PHY 1201 D-   
MET 3100Engineering Stress AnalysisMET 2200 D-MET 3101
MET 3101Lab for MET 3100MET 2200 D-MET 3100
MET 3200Fluid MechanicsMET 2200 D-   
AND   ( MTH 2105 D-   
OR    MTH 2110 D- )
MET 3201
MET 3201Lab for MET 3200MET 2200 D-MET 3200
MET 3300Engineering Materials ScienceMET 2040 D- ConcurrentMET 3301
MET 3301Lab for MET 3300MET 3100 D-   
AND    MET 3101 D-   
AND    MET 2040 D-
MET 3300
MET 3400Engineering ThermodynamicsMET 3200 D- Concurrent
AND    MET 3201 D- Concurrent
MET 3401
MET 3401Lab for MET 3400MET 3200 D- Concurrent
AND    MET 3201 D- Concurrent
MET 3400
MET 3500Thry Engr Measure/Data AnalysEET 2000 D-   
AND    EET 2001 D-   
AND    MET 3400 D-   
AND    MET 3401 D-
MET 3501
MET 3501Lab for MET 3500MET 3400 D-   
AND    MET 3401 D-
MET 3500
MET 3600Heat Transfer EngineeringMET 3400 D-   
AND    MET 3401 D-
MET 3601
MET 3601Lab for MET 3600MET 3400 D-   
AND    MET 3401 D-
MET 3600
MET 4100Mechanical Engr Sys DesignMET 2000 D-
AND MET 3300 D-   
AND    MET 3301 D-   
MGT 2100Principles of ManagementMGT 1100 D-   
OR    CMN 1100 D-   
OR    CMN 1103 D-   
OR    CMN 2210 D-   
OR    HMG 1100 D-
MGT 2210Information within EnterpriseITC 1000 D-   
OR    ITC 2016 D-
MGT 2220Supply Chain ManagementMGT 1100 D- 
MGT 2310Organizational BehaviorHMG 1100 D-   
OR    MGT 1100 D-
MGT 2550Sustainable EntrepreneurshipMGT 1100 D-
MGT 3220International BusinessMGT 2100 D-   
OR    MGT 2310 D-   
OR    CMN 3050 D-   
OR    LDR 1501 D-
MGT 4210Project ManagementMGT 2100 D-   
OR    MGT 2310 D-   
OR    CMN 3050 D-   
OR    LDR 1501 D-
MGT 4220Innovation & Change ManagementMGT 4210 D-
OR ( UC PJM 1100 D-
AND UC PJM 1400 D- )
MGT 4230New Venture CreationENG 3107 D-
AND ENG 3108 S
AND ( ( MGT 1100 D- AND MGT 2310 D- )
OR ( PJM 1100 D- AND PJM 1400 D- )
OR MGT 4210 D- )
MGT 4850Business StrategyMGT 2310 D-   
AND    ENG 3107 C   
AND    ENG 3108 S
MKT 2100Principles of MarketingMGT 1100 D-   
OR    CMN 1100 D-   
OR    CMN 1103 D-   
OR    CMN 2210 D-   
OR    HMG 1100 D-
MKT 2220Consumer BehaviorMKT 2100 D- 
MKT 3010Digital MarketingMKT 2100 D-
MKT 3100Marketing AnalyticsMKT 3010 D-
AND MTH 2300 D-
MTH 2105Calculus 2MTH 2100 D- 
MTH 2220Technical Math 2MTH 2120 D- Concurrent 
MTH 2300Business StatisticsMTH 1100 D-   
OR    MTH 1200 D-   
OR    MTH 2100 D-
MTH 2310Statistics for Behav & Soc SciMTH 1100 D-   
OR    MTH 1200 D-   
OR    MTH 2100 D-
MTH 2400Tech/Apps of Discrete MathMTH 1100 D-   
OR    MTH 1200 D-   
OR    MTH 2100 D-
MTH 2450Discrete StructuresMTH 1100 D-   
OR    MTH 1200 D-   
OR    MTH 2100 D-
MTH 2500Statistical Quality ControlMTH 2120 D-
MTH 3200Differential EquationsMTH 2105 D- 
MTH 3300Applied Probability & StatsMTH 2100 D-   
OR    MTH 2105 D-   
OR    MTH 2110 D-
NPM 6220Donor Research and ManagementNPM 6100 C-
NPM 6980CapstoneNPM 6110 C-   
AND    NPM 6120 C-   
AND    NPM 6125 C-   
AND    NPM 6130 C-   
AND    NPM 6140 C-   
AND    NPM 6150 C-
NTR 6110Medical Nutrition TherapyNTR 6100 C- 
NTR 6125Process Health and Healing 1NTR 6105 C-
NTR 6135Process of Health Healing 2NTR 6125 C-
NTR 6160Integrative Practice IntervenNTR 6105 C-
NTR 6866Applied Research in NutritionNTR 6112 C- Concurrent 
NTR 7132Overweight and Obesity 2NTR 7130 C- 
PBR 6710Public Relations ResearchPBR 6100 C- Concurrent 
PHL 2120Ethical Issues in CommCMN 1100 D-   
OR    CMN 1103 D-   
OR    CMN 2210 D-
PHY 1200Physics 1MTH 1100 D-PHY 1201
PHY 1201Lab for PHY 1200PHY 1200
PHY 2200Physics 2PHY 1200 D-   
AND    PHY 1201 D-
PHY 2201
PHY 2201Lab for PHY 2200PHY 1200 D-   
AND    PHY 1201 D-
PHY 2200
PJM 1400Project PlanningPJM 1100 D-
PJM 2000Project Monitoring and ControlPJM 1100 D-
AND PJM 1400 D-
PJM 2100Quality and RiskPJM 1100 D-
AND PJM 1400 D-
PJM 2200Proj Procurement/Contract MgmtPJM 1100 D-
AND PJM 1400 D-
PJM 3000Leading Agile Projects( PJM 1100 D- AND UC PJM 1400 D- )
OR ITC 4500 D-
PJM 3100Principles Busn Analysis MgmtPJM 1100 D-
PJM 4000Program/Project Portfolio MgmtPJM 1100 D-
PJM 4850CapstonePJM 1100 D-
AND PJM 1400 D-
AND PJM 2000 D-
AND PJM 2100 D-
AND PJM 2200 D-
AND PJM 3000 D-
AND PJM 3100 D-
AND PJM 4000 D-
PJM 6000Project Management PracticesPJM 5900 C-
PJM 6005Project Scope ManagementPJM 5900 C-
PJM 6015Project Risk ManagementPJM 5900 C-
PJM 6025Project Scheduling & Cost PlanPJM 5900 C-
PJM 6075Project FinancePJM 6025 C-
PJM 6125Project EvaluationPJM 5900 C-
PJM 6135Project Quality ManagementPJM 5900 C-
PJM 6140Managing Troubled ProjectsPJM 6005 C-
AND PJM 6015 C-
AND PJM 6025 C-
AND PJM 6135 C-
PJM 6145Global Project ManagementPJM 5900 C-
PJM 6190Emerging Research in PJMPJM 5900 C-
PJM 6215Leading Remote Project Teams PJM 5900 C- 
PJM 6610Fnds Project Business Analysis PJM 5900 C-
PJM 6620Proj. Bus. Analysis Needs AsmtPJM 6610 C
PJM 6630Proj. Bus. Analysis Req. PlanPJM 6610 C
PJM 6640Ldrshp Strategies Busn AnalystPJM 6610 C
PJM 6710Introduction to Program and Portfolio ManagementPJM 6005 C-   
AND    PJM 6015 C-   
AND    PJM 6025 C-  
PJM 6715Advanced Program ManagementPJM 6710 C
PJM 6720Advanced Portfolio ManagementPJM 6710 C
PJM 6725Program and Portfolio LeadershipPJM 6710 C Concurrent 
PJM 6730Program/Portfolio EvaluationPJM 6715 C
AND PJM 6720 C
PJM 6735CapstonePJM 6710 C-   
AND    PJM 6715 C-   
AND    PJM 6720 C-   
AND    PJM 6725 C-   
AND    PJM 6730 C-
PJM 6740PPM Risk and ComplexityPJM 6715 C-
AND PJM 6720 C-
PJM 6750Management/Decision MakingPJM 6710 C
PJM 6815Advanced Agile Project MgtPJM 6810 C-
PJM 6820Agile Implementation and GovPJM 6810 C-
PJM 6825Agile Lean Product DevelopmentPJM 6810 C Concurrent 
PJM 6910CapstonePJM 5900 C-   
AND    PJM 6005 C-   
AND    PJM 6015 C-   
AND    PJM 6025 C-   
AND    PJM 6135 C-
POL 3126Global GovernancePOL 1120 D- 
POL 3135Int’l Conflict & NegotiationPOL 1120 D- 
POL 3220Democracy in Comparative PolPOL 1200 D- 
POL 3330Politics & Mass MediaPOL 1300 D- 
POL 3400Political Sci Research Methods( MTH 2300 D-   
OR    MTH 2310 D-   
OR    MTH 3300 D- )   
AND    POL 2430 D-
POL 4850Political Science CapstonePOL 3400 D- 
PSY 2110Principles of Human LearningPSY 1100 D-
PSY 3150The Opioid CrisisPSY 1100 D-
PSY 3200Social PsychologyPSY 1100 D-   
OR    SOC 1100 D-   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1210 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1210 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )
PSY 3210Abnormal PsychologyPSY 1100 D-   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1210 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1210 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )
PSY 3220Cognition and LanguagePSY 1100 D-   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1210 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1210 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )
PSY 3230Development across Life SpanPSY 1100 D-   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1210 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1210 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )
PSY 3240Sensation and PerceptionPSY 1100 D-   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1210 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1010 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 1210 D-   
AND    PSY 1410 D- )
PSY 3330Autism Spectrum DisordersPSY 1100 D-
AND PSY 2500 D-
PSY 3450Research in Psychology( MTH 2300 D-   
OR    MTH 2310 D-   
OR    MTH 3300 D- )   
AND    PSY 3200 D-
PSY 3500Applied Behavior Analysis 2PSY 2500 D-
PSY 3700Behavior MeasurementPSY 1100 D-
AND PSY 3500 D-
PSY 4230Physiological PsychologyPSY 3230 D-   
OR   ( PSY 3420 D-   
AND    PSY 3421 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 3420 D-   
AND    PSY 3422 D- )   
OR   ( PSY 3421 D-   
AND    PSY 3422 D- )
PSY 4310PersonalityPSY 1100 D- 
PSY 4400Behavior Assessment and EvalPSY 3500 D- Concurrent
PSY 4440Human Development,Teach, LearnPSY 1100 D-
PSY 4600Advanced Practicum 1PSY 1100 D-
PSY 4700Advanced Practicum 2PSY 4600 D-
PSY 4850Senior Research SeminarPSY 3450 D- 
PTH 6563Exam/Outcome Lumbar/SacroiliacPTH 6560 C-   
OR    PTH 6100 C-
OR PTH 6101 C-
PTH 6564Exam/Outcome Lower ExtremityPTH 6560 C-   
OR    PTH 6100 C-
OR PTH 6101 C-
PTH 6900Comprehensive Case AnalysisPTH 6100 C-
OR PTH 6101 C-
RFA 6110Food Regulatory Life CycleRFA 6100 C-   
AND    RFA 6120 C-
RFA 6130Food Law in the United StatesRFA 6110 C- 
RFA 6200Compare U.S. Reg Sys/AgenciesRFA 6100 C-   
AND    RFA 6120 C-
RFA 6210Food Safety and ModernizationRFA 6130 C-   
AND    RFA 6235 C-
RFA 6215Food Risk/Hazard AnalysisRFA 6225 C- 
RFA 6220Food Safety and SurveillanceRFA 6215 C-   
AND    RFA 6235 C-
RFA 6225Introduction to Food ScienceRFA 6100 C-   
AND    RFA 6120 C-
RFA 6235Regul Diff/Sim: InternationalRFA 6200 C- 
RFA 6300Capstone: Reg Affairs FoodRFA 6130 C-   
AND    RFA 6215 C-
RFA 6310International Food TradeRFA 6235 C- 
RFA 6350Food Law/Regulation/PolicyRFA 6235 C- Concurrent 
RFA 6410Landmrk Chnges Intl Food PolcyRFA 6235 C- 
RFA 6412FDA Model Food CodeRFA 6100 C
AND RFA 6120 C
RFA 6413Total Food ProtectionRFA 6100 C
AND RFA 6120 C
RGA 5101Therapeutic Product DevelopmntRGA 5000 C-
RGA 6002Regulatory Compliance PracticeRGA 6463
RGA 6101Therapeutic Product DevelopmntRGA 6000 C
AND BTC 6210 C
RGA 6202Medcl Device Dvlpt: Reg OvrvwRGA 6001 C-
AND BTC 6210 C-
RGA 6203Pharma & Medical Device LawRGA 6101 C- Concurrent
OR RGA 6202 C- Concurrent
RGA 6204Legal Issues Intl RegulationRGA 6101 C- Concurrent
OR RGA 6202 C- Concurrent
RGA 6205Emerg Trnds & Issu: Med Dv IndRGA 6202 C- 
RGA 6207Global Impact of the eCTDRGA 6101 C-
AND BTC 6210 C-
RGA 6210Reg Affrs Strategic Plng MgmtRGA 6202 C-   
OR    RGA 6101 C-
RGA 6211Combination ProductsRGA 6202 C-   
AND   ( RGA 6101 C-   
OR    RGA 6200 C- )
AND RGA 6201 C-
RGA 6212Introduction Safety SciencesRGA 6002 C-   
AND    RGA 6463 C-
RGA 6215Prject Mgmt in Early Drug DiscRGA 6101 C-   
OR    RGA 6202 C-
RGA 6217Biomed Product DevelopmentRGA 6101 C-   
OR    RGA 6202 C-
RGA 6219Adv Advert & Promo Drugs/MedRGA 6101 C-   
OR    RGA 6202 C-
RGA 6221European Union Compliance ProcRGA 6204 C- 
RGA 6222European Medical Dev RegRGA 6202 C
AND RGA 6221 C-
RGA 6223Australia, Asia, Latin Am RARGA 6101 C-
OR RGA 6202 C-
RGA 6224Regulatn Biomed Prod: CanadaRGA 6202 C-
OR RGA 6101 C-
RGA 6227Emerging Med Device MarketsRGA 6202 C- 
RGA 6228International Clinical TrialsBTC 6210 C- 
RGA 6233Application QSRs: Med DevicesRGA 6202 C-
RGA 6234Risk Mgmt Comp/ProcessRGA 6000 C-
OR RGA 6001 C-
RGA 6235Emerg Products Drugs/BiologicsRGA 6101 C-
OR RGA 6202 C-
RGA 6241Working in Multicultural EnvirRGA 6002 C-
RGA 6242Prep EU Med Dev Clinical EvalRGA 6222 C
RGA 6243Med Dev Product Devt CanadaRGA 6002 C-
AND RGA 6224 C-
RGA 6244Therapeutic Prod Dev CanadaRGA 6002 C-
AND RGA 6224 C-
RGA 6245Regulation of Generics BiosimsRGA 6200 C-
OR RGA 6101 C-
RGA 6247Med Reg Harmonization AfricaRGA 6101 C-
OR RGA 6202 C-
RGA 6248Global Regulatory OperationsRGA 6101 C
AND RGA 6202 C
RGA 6249Reg Biomed Prod Comm CFDARGA 6101 C
AND RGA 6202 C
AND RGA 6207 C
RGA 6250Finance/Reimburse Biomed ProdRGA 6101 C-
OR RGA 6202 C-
RGA 6255Global Conv Reg Sci & MarketRGA 6101 C-
OR RGA 6202 C-
AND RGA 6202 C-
RGA 6270Patient-Centered Reg Pol FDARGA 6000 C-
AND RGA 6001 C-
AND BTC 6210 C-
RGA 6275Prouct Dev and Process ValidRGA 6002 C-
AND ( RGA 6000 C-
OR RGA 6001 C- )
RGA 6370Adv Reg Writing: Med Dev SubRGA 6202 C-
RGA 6380Adv Reg Writing: New Drug AppsRGA 6101 C-
RGA 6405Non-clinic Reg Biomed Prod CmRGA 6002 C-
AND RGA 6463 C-
RGA 6410Fund of CMC Reg and MethodsRGA 6101 C
RGA 6420Global IVD Regs & SubmissionRGA 6202 C
RGA 6423Med Device Product Devl CanadaRGA 6101 C
OR RGA 6202 C
RGA 6430Clinical Trial Qual OversightRGA 6000 C
AND RGA 6001 C
AND BTC 6210 C
RGA 6431Clinical Trial AgreementsBTC 6210 C
AND ( RGA 6101 C
OR RGA 6000 C )
RGA 6432Real World Evidence in BiomedBTC 6210 C
AND ( RGA 6101 C
OR RGA 6000 C )
RGA 6460IP in the Life SciencesRGA 6101 C
OR RGA 6202 C
RGA 6461Cybersec/Reg Dig Health TechRGA 6101 C-
OR RGA 6202 C-
RGA 6462Reg Comp in Pharma IndustryRGA 6101 C
RGA 6470Research Ethics( RGA 6000 C-
OR RGA 6002 C- )
AND BTC 6210 C-
RMS 6110Intro to Machine LearningRMS 5105 C- Concurrent 
RMS 6225Value of Info & Geo AnalyticsRMS 5105 C
AND GIS 5103 C
RMS 6240Intro to Radar & Lidar RsRMS 5105 C- Concurrent 
RMS 6250Remote Sensing of Vegetation RMS 5105 C-    
AND    RMS 6110 C-
RMS 6280Automated Feature ExtractionRMS 5105 C- 
RMS 6290Spectroscopic Image AnalysisRMS 5105 C- Concurrent
AND    RMS 6110 C-
RMS 6293Allied Tech in Remote SensingRMS 5105 C-
RPT 6970SeminarRPT 7205 C-   
AND    RPT 7210 C-
RPT 7215Applied Research in Resp CareRPT 7210 C- 
SIA 6983Topics in Strat Intel AnalysisSIA 6000 C
AND SIA 6010 C
AND SIA 6020 C
AND SIA 6030 C
SIA 7990ThesisSIA 6000 C- Concurrent
AND SIA 6010 C- Concurrent
AND SIA 6020 C- Concurrent
AND SIA 6030 C- Concurrent
AND GST 6109 C- Concurrent
SOC 2340Gender and Work RolesSOC 1100 D- 
TCC 3450Writing for the WebENG 1107 D-   
AND    TCC 2200 D-
TCC 6400Structured DocumentationTCC 6630 B 
TCC 6850Tech Comm Capstone ProjectTCC 6100 C-   
AND    TCC 6102 C-   
AND    TCC 6110 C-   
AND    TCC 6120 C-

Waitlist FAQ

Join a waitlist when a class is full in order to be given the opportunity to register for a class if a seat becomes open.

If you attempt to register for a class that is full, you may be given the option to sign up for the waitlist if the class in question uses one. If a seat becomes available in the class and you are the first person on the waitlist, an email will be sent to your HuskyMail account. At this point you must register yourself for the class online via myNortheastern within 24 hours. Waitlist notifications will only be sent to your HuskyMail account. Students must meet all of the course prerequisites and requirements in order to sign up for a waitlist. To be mindful of your peers, please limit your waitlist registrations to a maximum of two courses.

A waitlist is a list you can join when a class is full in order to be given first right of refusal to register for a class if a seat becomes open.  

The waitlist gives you an opportunity to register for a class if a seat becomes available without having to constantly check the enrollment in the class. It is sort of like saving your spot in line in case a seat becomes available.

  • Log into your myNortheastern account, and click the “Self-Service” tab
  • Under the Registrar menu, click “Course Registration”
  • Click “Look Up Classes” and select the appropriate academic term (e.g. Spring 2015 quarter)
  • Use the search function to find the class(es) you are looking for
  • Click the title of the class, and you will see a screen like this:
  • Waitlist Capacity : Maximum number of students that can be on the waitlist. If this is greater than zero, the class in question has a waitlist.
  • Waitlist Actual: Number of students currently on the waitlist for this class.
  • Waitlist Remaining: Number of open spots on the waitlist for this class.

Putting yourself on the waitlist is easy. Once you get the “Closed-Waitlisted” option (see picture below), under the tab “action”, you should choose “add” (instead of “none”) and click “submit changes”. Once you successfully put yourself on the waitlist, you should be able to see the class in your “Current Schedule” but the number of QH (credits) will be 0.00.

The maximum number of students who can be on a waitlist varies by class. You can see the Waitlist Capacity the same way you can view whether or not a class has a waitlist option (see above).

Your seat will go to the student who is in the next position on the waitlist, and you will be dropped from the list. If there are no other students on the waitlist, it will be opened up for any student to register. It is strongly recommended that you regularly check your Husky Mail, especially if you are on the waitlist for a course. 

Yes, however in order to be fair to other students, you will not be placed at the top of the list. You will be placed in the last available position just as if you had not been on the waitlist previously.

No. Some programs might not use waitlists at all, whereas others might only use them on select classes. For example, Graduate Education classes do not use the waitlist. This is a decision made by the academic program and is based on a number of different factors. 

Yes, however you cannot be registered for more than one section of a particular course. If you are notified that a seat has become available, you will need to drop your current section in order to register for the other section.

Yes, however you may only register for one section of a given course.

The availability of waitlists depends on the length of the class in question:

Class LengthLast Day to Join Waitlist
Six Weeks or LessWednesday of First Week of Classes
Greater Than Six WeeksWednesday of Second Week of Classes

Yes, you must have either completed or be currently enrolled in the prerequisite (if concurrent enrollment is allowed) for any course in order to join the waitlist. 

It is possible that you have a registration hold on your account. You can check this by logging into Banner with your myNortheastern credentials. Click on “Registration,” then click on “View Holds.” All holds must be removed in order for you to join a waitlist.  If you do not have a registration hold and continue to experience issues, please contact your Career and Academic Coach.

As we are unable to say how likely it is that a student will drop a class, we are unable to answer this question with any certainty.  However, we can say that your chances of getting a seat if one becomes available are much better if you are on the waitlist than if you are not.

Waitlist notifications are only sent to your HuskyMail addresses.  However, you do have the option of forwarding your HuskyMail to a secondary email account:

  1. Log into your HuskyMail account through myNortheastern
  2. Click Settings in the upper right corner
  3. Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  4. Select Forward a copy of incoming mail to
  5. Enter e-mail address to receive forwarded HuskyMail
  6. Select action messages should take after being forwarded 

Yes, you will be able to see where you are on the waitlist as well as the total number of students that are on the list and hoping to add the course. 

You can remove yourself from the waitlist the same way you would drop a class through your myNortheastern account. You will see the class that you are waitlisted for in the “Add or Drop Classes” section.

It is always best to have alternative courses or sections of a course in mind in case your first choice is closed. You can search for courses here, or contact your Career and Academic Coach for assistance with choosing another course. Be sure to give yourself enough time both before and at the beginning of a term to accomplish this and have your alternate plan in mind so that you do not have to register late for a course and potentially be behind in work.

If you are waitlisted for a course on campus, you are free to attend the first class meeting so that you can familiarize yourself with the requirements, instructor, etc. Note, though, that attendance does not impact your position on the waitlist and instructors will not be able to assist with registration into the course. For online courses, you will not be able to access Blackboard until you are fully registered in the course. You are free, however, to review the syllabus if posted on the course description page.

The only way to be added to a waitlist is through the online registration system within myNortheastern. Instructors cannot add you to a waitlist. Similarly, instructors cannot add you to a closed course, regardless of whether or not there is a waitlist for it. If you hope to register for a closed course that has no waitlist, then you may wish to check the myNortheastern registration system regularly, as students do tend to add and drop courses as the start of the term approaches. If a space opens, then you will be able to add the course normally.