Academic and Career Advising Staff

Whether you need help creating an academic plan or refining your career goals, our seasoned academic advisors will be there to support you throughout your journey. We’re here to help you take the next big step, and we’re always going your way.

Academic and Career Advisor Assignments

Find your academic and career advisor below.

Bachelor’s Completion Programs

Bachelor’s DegreesDesignated AdvisorEmail
Advanced ManufacturingTyler Leslie[email protected]
Analytics (First Year Students)Shannon Lank[email protected]
AnalyticsLisa Ingravera[email protected]
Biological ScienceDawn Mackiewicz[email protected] 
BiotechnologyDawn Mackiewicz[email protected] 
Digital Communications & MediaLisa Ingravera[email protected]
Finance & Accounting ManagementAdam Agostinelli[email protected]
Healthcare AdministrationDawn Mackiewicz[email protected] 
Health ScienceDawn Mackiewicz[email protected] 
Human ServicesAnnalee Collins[email protected]
Information Technology
(First Year Students)
Shannon Lank[email protected]
Information TechnologyTyler Leslie[email protected] 
Interdisciplinary StudiesDevon Wrinn[email protected]
LeadershipAnnalee Collins[email protected] 
Liberal StudiesDevon Wrinn[email protected] 
Management (Last name A-L)Jocelyn Faber[email protected]
Management (Last name M-Z)Tyler Leslie[email protected]
MechatronicsTyler Leslie[email protected]
Project ManagementLisa Ingravera[email protected]
PsychologyLisa Ingravera[email protected] 
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology (BSET) DegreesDesignated AdvisorEmail
Computer Engineering TechnologyTyler Leslie[email protected]
Electrical Engineering TechnologyTyler Leslie[email protected]
Mechanical Engineering TechnologyTyler Leslie[email protected]
Undergraduate CertificatesDesignated AdvisorEmail
AccountingTimothy Blank[email protected]
Advanced AccountingTimothy Blank[email protected]
AnalyticsLisa Ingravera[email protected]
Principles of ManufacturingTyler Leslie[email protected]
Project ManagementLisa Ingravera[email protected]
Post-Baccalaureate ProgramDesignated AdvisorEmail
Pre-MedAnnalee Collins[email protected]
Non-Degree (Undergraduate)Designated AdvisorEmail
Non-Degree (Undergraduate)Annalee Collins[email protected]

Graduate and Doctoral Programs

Master of Arts DegreeDesignated AdvisorEmail
Homeland SecurityJanie Marsan[email protected]
Security and Intelligence StudiesJanie Marsan[email protected]
Strategic Intelligence & AnalysisJanie Marsan[email protected]
Master of Arts in Teaching (Elementary/Secondary)Jackie Mitchell[email protected]
Master of Education DegreeDesignated AdvisorEmail
EducationJackie Mitchell[email protected]
*** Special Education Licensure Program***Jackie Mitchell[email protected]
Master of Professional Studies DegreesDesignated AdvisorEmail
AnalyticsColin Connors

Caitlin Greene

Tess Spector-Prague
[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]
Analytics (Silicon Valley)Sweeny Youkhane[email protected]
Analytics (Seattle, last name A-P)Megan Sykes[email protected]
Analytics (Seattle, last name Q-Z)Jiaqi Li[email protected]u
Analytics (Toronto students )Cathie George[email protected]
Analytics (Vancouver students)Camila de Campos Miranda[email protected]
Digital MediaJulia Mateus[email protected]
Enterprise IntelligenceColin Connors[email protected]
Geospatial ServicesCarolyn Zuk[email protected]
InformaticsCarolyn Zuk[email protected]
Informatics (Toronto)Cathie George[email protected]
Master of Science DegreesDesignated AdvisorEmail
Applied NutritionAli Mwanundu[email protected]
Commerce and Economic DevelopmentBeverly Ballaro[email protected]
Corporate & Organizational CommunicationJulia Mateus[email protected]
Global Studies & International AffairsMichael Boudreau[email protected]
Human Resources ManagementDavid Cichocki[email protected]
Human ServicesAmanda Moore-Owens[email protected]
LeadershipAli Mwanundu[email protected]
Nonprofit ManagementAmanda Moore-Owens[email protected]
Program and Project Portfolio ManagementMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Project Management (Boston campus and fully online students, last name A-I)Mike DiAntonio[email protected]
Project Management (Boston campus and fully online students, last name J-P)Kendel Hall[email protected]
Project Management (Boston campus and fully online students, last name Q-S)Beverly Ballaro[email protected]
Project Management (Boston campus and fully online students, last name T-Z)Amanda Moore-Owens[email protected]
Project Management (Toronto campus, all Winter & Spring 2021 students)Tinu Olawuyi [email protected]
Project Management (Toronto campus, A-K)Cathie George[email protected]
Project Management (Toronto campus, L-P)Tinu Olawuyi[email protected]
Project Management (Toronto campus, Q-Z)Rupy Mundi[email protected]
Project Management (Silicon Valley campus)Sweeny Youkhane[email protected]
Project Management (Seattle campus, last name A-P)Megan Sykes[email protected]
Project Management (Seattle campus, last name Q-Z)Jiaqi Li[email protected]
Regulatory Affairs (Boston campus and fully online students, last name A-Ka)Natalia Masic[email protected]
Regulatory Affairs (Boston campus and fully online students, last name Kb-N)David Cichocki[email protected]
Regulatory Affairs (Boston campus and fully online students, last name O-Z)Courtney Martinez[email protected]
Regulatory Affairs (Toronto campus, all students)Tinu Olawuyi[email protected]
Regulatory Affairs-Food and Food IndustriesCourtney Martinez[email protected]
Respiratory Care LeadershipCourtney Martinez[email protected]
Technical CommunicationsAmanda Moore-Owens[email protected]
Master of Sports Leadership DegreeDesignated AdvisorEmail
Sports LeadershipAli Mwanundu[email protected]
Doctor of EducationDesignated AdvisorEmail
Advising Focus – Strategic policy innovation and development to enhance student experienceLeslie Harwood
Director of Advising, Graduate School of Education
[email protected]
Advising Focus – Stage Model (pre-2018 admittance) studentsAlex Cuff
Associate Director of Advising, Graduate School of Education
[email protected]
Advising Focus – Dissertation in Practice (post-2018 admittance) studentsPaula Grow
Academic Advisor, Graduate School of Education
[email protected]
 Doctor of Law and PolicyDesignated Advisor Email
Law and PolicyMeredith Haverty[email protected]
Transitional Doctor of Physical TherapyDesignated AdvisorEmail
Physical TherapyCourtney Martinez[email protected]
Graduate CertificatesDesignated AdvisorEmail
3-D AnimationNatalia Masic[email protected]
Adult & Organizational LearningJackie Mitchell[email protected]  
Agile Project ManagementMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Domestic Regulatory Affairs 
Natalia Masic[email protected]
International Regulatory Affairs 
Natalia Masic [email protected]
Cloud Computing Application and ManagementCarolyn Zuk[email protected]
Collegiate Athletic Admin Ali Mwanundu[email protected]
Computer Industry WritingAmanda Moore-Owens[email protected]
Construction ManagementMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Cross-Cultural CommunicationMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Digital Media ManagementNatalia Masic[email protected]
Digital VideoNatalia Masic[email protected]
eLearning and Instructional DesignJackie Mitchell[email protected]  
Emergency ManagementJanie Marsan[email protected]
Financial Markets & InstitutionsMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Forensic AccountingMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Fundraising and DevelopmentAmanda Moore-Owens[email protected]
Game DesignNatalia Masic[email protected]
Geographic Information SystemsAmanda Moore-Owens[email protected]
Global Student Mobility Michael Boudreau[email protected]
Global Studies & International AffairsMichael Boudreau[email protected]
Health ManagementAli Mwanundu[email protected]
Higher Education AdministrationJackie Mitchell[email protected]  
Human-Centered InformaticsCarolyn Zuk[email protected]
Human Resources ManagementMichael Boudreau[email protected]
Information Security ManagementCarolyn Zuk[email protected]
Interactive DesignNatalia Masic[email protected]
Interdisciplinary Professional StudiesMike DiAntonio[email protected]
LeadershipAli Mwanundu[email protected]
Leading and Managing Technical ProjectsMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Learning AnalyticsJackie Mitchell[email protected]  
Medical Devices Regulatory AffairsNatalia Masic[email protected]
Nonclinical Regulation of Biomedical ProductsNatalia Masic[email protected]
Nonprofit ManagementAmanda Moore-Owens[email protected]
Organizational CommunicationMichael Boudreau[email protected]
Orthopedics (CAS)Amanda Moore-Owens[email protected]
Professional Sports Admin Ali Mwanundu[email protected]
Program & Portfolio ManagementMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Project Business AnalysisMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Project ManagementMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Public and Media RelationsMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Quality Assurance in Biomedical Product RegulationIris Cao[email protected]
Remote SensingAmanda Moore-Owens[email protected]
Respiratory Specialty Practice Amanda Moore-Owens[email protected]
Social Media & Online CommunitiesMike DiAntonio[email protected]
Non-Degree (Graduate)Designated AdvisorEmail
Non-Degree (Graduate)Kendel Hall[email protected]

Co-op and Experiential Advisors

Programs Co-op Advisor
  • Analytics
  • Biological Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Digital Communication and Media
  • Finance and Accounting Management
  • Health Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Management
Rebecca Crimmins
[email protected]
  • Computer Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Engineering Technology
  • Leadership
  • Liberal Studies
  • Project Management
  • Psychology
Pete Cardillo
[email protected]
Programs Co-op Advisor
  • Analytics (Boston)
  • Applied Machine Intelligence
  • Applied Nutrition
  • Commerce and Economic Development
  • Corporate and Organizational Communication
  • Criminal Justice
  • Digital Media
  • Enterprise Intelligence
  • Geospatial Services
  • Global Studies and International Relations
  • Homeland Security
  • Human Resources Management
  • Informatics
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Respiratory Care
  • Strategic Intelligence and Analysis
  • Technical Communication
Rebecca Crimmins
[email protected]
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Human Services
  • Leadership
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management (Boston)
  • Regulatory Affairs of Drugs, Biologic and Medical Devices (Boston)
  • Regulatory Affairs of Food and Food Industries (Boston)
  • Sports Leadership
Pete Cardillo
[email protected]
  • Project Management (Toronto Campus)
Zeinab Alamagan
[email protected]
  • Analytics (Toronto Campus)
  • Informatics (Toronto Campus)
  • Regulatory Affairs (Toronto Campus)
Jean D’Souza
[email protected]
  • All Roux Institute Programs
Jeff Nevers
[email protected]
  • All Seattle Programs
Emily Stimac and Jenn Ross
[email protected]
  • All San Jose/Bay Area Programs
Aboud Hammour
[email protected]

Academic and Career Advising Staff

Michele Rosenthal
Director, Graduate
Academic Advising and Learner Success
[email protected]
Yvonne Rogers
Director, Co-Op Education & Employer Engagement
[email protected]
Jocelyn Faber
Interim Director, Undergraduate Academic Advising and Learner Success
[email protected]
Anurag Dhawan
Director of Career Development & Experiential Learning, Toronto Campus
[email protected]
Adam Agostinelli
Academic and Career Advisor (Undergraduate)
[email protected]

Zeinab Alamagan
Career Services and Co-op Advisor
[email protected]

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Beverly Ballaro
Senior Advisor (Graduate)
Student Affairs and Special Programs
[email protected]
Book appointment with Beverly
Michael Boudreau 
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]
Book appointment with Michael
Pete Cardillo
Associate Director of Co-op
[email protected]

Book appointment with Pete
David Cichocki 
Assistant Director (Graduate), Academic Advising, Communications/ Digital Media
[email protected]
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Annalee Collins
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]
Book appointment with Annalee
Colin Connors 
Assistant Director (Graduate), Academic Advising, Analytics/ Applied Machine Intelligence
[email protected]
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Rebecca Crimmins 
Associate Director of Co-op
[email protected]

Book appointment with Rebecca
Camila de Campos Miranda 
Academic & Professional Advisor, Vancouver Campus
[email protected]
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Mike DiAntonio 
Assistant Director (Graduate), Academic Advising, Project Management/ Leadership
[email protected]
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Jean D’Souza
Career Services and Co-op Advisor, Toronto Campus
[email protected]

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Cathie George
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]
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Caitlin Greene
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]
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Kendel Hall
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]
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Lisa Ingravera
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]
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Shannon Lank
First Year Navigator
[email protected]

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Tyler Leslie
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]
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Jiaqi Li
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]
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Dawn Mackiewicz
Assistant Director (Undergraduate)
[email protected]

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Janie Marsan
Assistant Director (Graduate), Academic Advising, Securities
[email protected]
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Courtney Martinez
Academic and Career Advisor (Graduate)
[email protected]

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Natalia Masic
Assistant Director (Graduate), Academic Advising, Regulatory Affairs
[email protected]
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Julia Mateus
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]

Book appointment with Julia
Amanda Moore-Owens
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]

Book appointment with Amanda
Rupy Mundi
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]

Book appointment with Rupy
Ali Mwanundu
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]

Book appointment with Ali
Tinu Olawuyi
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]

Book appointment with Tinu
Tess Spector
Academic and Career Advisor (Graduate)
[email protected]

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Megan Sykes
Associate Director, Academic Advising and Program Operations/West Coast 
[email protected]
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Devon Wrinn
Academic and Career Advisor
[email protected]
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Sweeny Youkhane
Academic and Career Advisor (Graduate)
[email protected]

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Carolyn Zuk
Academic and Career Advisor (Graduate)
[email protected]

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