Graduate School of Education

High Impact

At Northeastern’s Graduate School of Education, we believe your dedication to education can transform lives and make real change—at work, and in the world.

We want to help you do that. Starting on day one.

So, as you explore theory, conduct research, and acquire the skills to advance your career, our faculty will support your work to solve the real-world problems right in front of you. (We’ve been teaching online for more than a decade, so we can help with that too.)

Most of our students are full-time professionals who apply their learning immediately, on the job. As a student at the Graduate School of Education, you’ll be positioned to leverage our far-reaching formal and informal networks—and to work with our partners in education and higher education, as well as in the nonprofit and business sectors, to nurture both your passion for education and your professional success. Research-driven, experiential projects will deepen your theoretical knowledge while giving you the practical skills to succeed, whatever your goal.

Your Purpose

We seek to inspire and empower you as a scholar practitioner to make a positive difference in the lives of others, moving communities toward justice and equity through experiential learning and confident, innovative scholarship.

Our Goal

We believe the Graduate School of Education can set the global standard for a graduate school of education, as measured by the real change our graduates make in their schools, organizations and communities. Our goal is to support your journey as a scholar practitioner who educates, documents, articulates, advocates—and makes an impact.  

Our Mission

We cultivate scholar practitioners through lifelong experiential learning that transforms communities towards just & equitable societies.

Our Vision

Ignite learning networks to co-create inclusive and equitable change.

Our Programs

With more than 10 years of experience delivering education online, we are an agile and resilient partner in experiential learning. We’re also very local—and very global. At the Graduate School of Education, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with informal communities of practice in Boston, Charlotte, Seattle, and other cities. Our MacFarland Scholarship supports teachers who work or intend to work as educators in public schools in urban areas. Other scholarships support teachers in special education and those who work in public service and global learning.

If you have a vision for change, a commitment to equity and justice, and the desire to drive excellence in education, we’ll help you get where you want to go.

All Faculty

Graduate School of Education faculty are collaborative and student-centered mentors who come from varied, related careers. They are skilled at learning in real-world settings. This diversity offers students rich resources to draw upon as they delve into the challenges they want to address.
Our faculty embrace their role in the transformation of adult students. They strive to foster change that helps expand educational opportunity. All are experts in online teaching and working with adult students.