Karen Smith

Assistant Teaching Professor


Karen Johnson Smith is Assistant Teaching Professor in the Graduate School of Education. Her PhD is in Higher Education from Florida State University with prior training in applied physiology at Auburn University and Oregon State University. She has worked as an interdisciplinary trained professional in higher education, defense industry, higher education sector development, and international executive education and training. Positions include vice president for academic affairs; associate vice president for institutional research, compliance and accreditation; senior research scientist and senior training analyst supporting domestic and international government, defense, and capacity building programs; and as an international program officer facilitating student and faculty bilateral exchange and international partner institution development. She has worked in multiple countries and serves as a higher education accreditation education standards evaluator, subject specialist, and subject matter expert. She teaches in the Doctor of Education research series and higher education concentration. Professional memberships include the American Economic Association and Council for European Studies at Columbia University Political Economy and Welfare Research Network.


PhD from Florida State University (1999)