William Ewell

Teaching Professor


William Ewell is a Teaching Professor at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies. He previously served as department chair, Fellow in Public Policy at the Martin Institute, and Associate Professor of Political Science at Stonehill College. His research concerns American political institutions and education policy, specifically equity and justice issues. He has been published in the Legislative Studies Quarterly and the Journal of Political Science Education. He is currently working on an education policy textbook to improve educational leaders understanding of the extraordinarily complex American education system and empower them to affect change in the system. He is also working on a paper on the 30 year impact of the 1993 Massachusetts Education Reform Act, specifically the failure of the education reform to equalize funding for high needs districts. 

Prior to his academic tenure, Ewell served more than a decade in federal and state government. He served as a legislative aide in the United States Senate for Rhode Island United States Senator John Chafee. He also served former North Carolina Governor James B. Hunt at the Hunt Institute for Educational Policy and Leadership where he worked with governors and state legislators from across the country to improve their state education policy systems. He earned his Masters in Public Policy from Duke University in 2001 and his PhD in Political Science and Public Policy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2009. Ewell is a proud father of three children, Will, 12, Emma, 10 and Max, 3. He is married to Sara Ewell, a Northeastern University faculty member, and together they are passionate about education, social justice, the environment and raising their three children to love learning and have a passion for life.


PhD from University of North Carolina (2009)