Jack Driscoll



MA from University of New Hampshire (1976)

Professional Experience

Northeastern University: Senior Lecturer - Economics, Statistics (certified online instructor); 1978 – 1982 and 1986 - Present. ([email protected])

Middlesex Community College: Adjunct Professor - Economics, Statistics; (certified online instructor); 2009 - Present. ([email protected])

Merrimack College: Adjunct Lecturer - Statistics; 2014 - Present. ([email protected])

United States Postal Service: Senior Economist, Headquarters, Washington, D.C. - Coordinated and analyzed microeconomic, financial, and business studies used in establishing prices for Postal services and products.  Presented testimony before a Federal Commission supporting and defending the results of microeconomic studies and Postal pricing strategies. (1982 - 1986); Postmaster - Responsible for the budgetary, administrative, and operational oversight of a Post Office employing 66 people, serving 22,000 residential and business customers, generating over 3 million dollars in revenue.  (1986-2012); Dispute Resolution Team Mediator – Responsible for the mutual resolution of grievances for the United States Postal Service/National Association Letter Carriers Massachusetts and Maine Districts. (2003 – 2012)

Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities: Assistant Director, Telecommunications Division - Advised the Commission in microeconomic and regulatory matters concerning pricing and revenue issues relevant to the telecommunications industry and other regulated utilities. (1977 - 1982)