Teresa Mayors



My education includes graduate work in sociology at Northeastern University supported by a three-year N.D.E.A. fellowship and undergraduate work at the University of California at San Diego with majors in Sociology and Philosophy and a minor in Spanish Literature. At Northeastern, I have taught for the College of Professional Studies and for the university's sociology and general studies programs. I am currently teaching traditional day and continuing education classes at Curry College where I began teaching sociology and criminal justice courses in 1994. Most recently at Northeastern, I have been teaching  Sociology of Boston, Race and Ethnicity, Diversity, Gender and Work Roles, Death and Dying, Social Problems, Family Functions and Dysfunctions, Popular Culture and Sociology of Drinking courses. For a number of years I was the Deputy Director of Research and Evaluation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Public Safety, Office of Special Programs which administers federally funded grant money for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the Bureau of Justice Assistance. These programs include the money allocated for the "war on drugs" or the "Byrne Grants." Prior to that I worked in social science research at Northeastern (at the Center for Urban and Regional Economic Studies). In addition to my research work, I also served as the Northeastern liaison to the Parcel 18 Task Force--a community organization devoted to ensuring enhanced opportunities for Roxbury during ongoing real estate development. I also worked as a researcher at the Center for Applied Social Research at Northeastern and at Boston University (the Center for Criminal Justice), the Middlesex County Sheriff, and the Hebrew Rehabilitation for the Aged. My research has been primarily in the area of criminal justice.


PhD from Northeastern University (1984)

Professional Experience