Brett Murphy Hunt



My name is Brett Murphy Hunt. I am a graduate of Assumption College and UMass Boston where I received my B.A. and M.A., respectively. I am also continuing my educational journey to obtain my Doctor of Education degree through Northeastern. 

This is my fifth year as a Lecturer of English at Northeastern. I absolutely love teaching at this university, since I believe in the education here wholeheartedly. 

In addition to teaching, I also founded and continue to run a tutoring business west of Boston. I have four tutors that work for me, complementing me in subjects such as math and biology. I personally tutor between 15 and 20 students per week, while also working at Framingham State University once a week as a writing tutor. Within the tutoring business, I specialize in assisting with college application writing and medical school/graduate school application writing. On a freelance basis, I do contract marketing writing for small businesses worldwide, as well as other types of business writing. I have been published in the peer-reviewed Shakespeare in Southern Africa as well as some more casual, online forums. 

In my free time, I enjoy home improvement projects, dining out, studying the Italian language, and spending time with my dogs and husband. Recently, a colleague and I began a literary magazine called "Portrait of New England," which aims to capture the essence of New England through quality creative writing and digital imagery. 

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MA from University of Massachusetts-Boston (2013)