Ted Miller

Teaching Professor


Dr. Edward H. “Ted” Miller has more than ten years of experience teaching English language, writing, history, and government to international students and non-native English speakers at Northeastern University.

Dr. Miller has provided dynamic leadership in education and government for over twenty years.

Growing up in the working-class community of Weymouth, Massachusetts, Dr. Miller broadened his horizons with international travel to Mexico, Haiti, France, Great Britain, Ireland, and The Netherlands. Dr. Miller has travelled all across the United States—by train, plane, automobile, and foot—and loves to tell the stories of his adventures to his students.

A professor who cares and listens, and an author who writes for scholars and the general public, Dr. Miller has a record of proven success collaborating with students, staff, and faculty at Northeastern University and has managed the state legislature’s Public Service Committee. He has worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC and Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Miller is Teaching Professor at NU Global where he instructs students from Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa and helps them forge new sustainable opportunities in today’s inclusive, diverse, and interconnected global community. He has also used his insightful understanding of the needs of foreign students to lead curricular development in other NU programs delivered overseas.

Dr. Miller is an historian of American politics, political culture, and capitalism. He teaches and studies the history of the United States, and focuses on how business and religious leaders have influenced American political culture, policy, and politics.

His first book Nut Country: Right-Wing Dallas and the Birth of the Southern Strategy (University of Chicago Press, 2015) explores how a group of influential far-right businessmen, religious leaders, and political operatives developed a potent mix of hardline anticommunism, biblical literalism, and racism to generate a violent populism–and widespread power.

Dr. Miller’s book received favorable reviews from the New York Times, the American Historical Review, and the Journal of American History. His contributions have appeared in the Boston Globe, Time Magazine, Salon, the Wall Street Journal, and National Public Radio.

After working on the project for seven years, Dr. Miller has just finished his second book (University of Chicago Press, forthcoming) about Robert H. W. Welch the founder of the John Birch Society and the man who revolutionized the modern Republican Party. The book will be local bookstores in late 2021.


PhD from Boston College (2013)

Professional Experience

    2018-present: Associate Teaching Professor and Course Coordinator, NU Global, College of Professional Studies, Northeastern University


    2014-2018: Assistant Teaching Professor and Course Coordinator, NU Global, College of Professional Studies, Northeastern University


    2011-2014: Adjunct Professor, NU Global, College of Professional Studies, Northeastern University


    2007-2013: Teaching Assistant, Department of History, Boston College


   1999-2006: Research Director (2001-2006), Policy Analyst (1999-2001), Committee on Public Service, Massachusetts House of Representatives, Boston, MA


                          Developed extensive understanding of leadership and law-making process.

                          Managed daily operations of the Massachusetts state legislature’s busiest joint 


                          Hired and supervised staff.

                          Drafted, analyzed, and impacted legislation including state and municipal retirement laws safeguarding thousands of public employees from layoffs.

                          Planned committee hearings.

                          Coordinated meetings.

                          Briefed legislators and public officials.

                          Mentored analysts.

                          Wrote reports on health care, social security and public retirement policy. 


      1998-1999: Policy Analyst, Committee on Public Safety, Massachusetts House of Representatives, Boston, MA


      1998: Legislative Intern, Office of Congressman William Delahunt, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.