Cynthia Baron

Senior Academic Specialist


Cynthia Baron is the Academic Director of the Digital Media graduate programs in the College of Professional Studies and teaches Foundations of Digital Storytelling and Thesis Proposal Preparation in the program. She was previously Associate Director of the undergraduate Multimedia Studies program and a lecturer in the Department of art+design. She has been active in the creative community for most of her professional life. She was the executive vice-president of Serif & Sans, a Boston-based design studio, for over a decade. She has written for many publications, been a series editor for Rockport Publishers and a contributing editor to the design practice magazine Critique and for Computer Graphics World. She has edited, authored or co-authored over a dozen books, including Adobe Photoshop Forensics: Sleuths, Truths and Fauxtography and Designing a Digital Portfolio for New Riders, a division of Pearson Education, which became the standard textbook in the field. She is currently the Vice Chair of the Faculty Academic Council in the College of Professional Studies, and Chair of its Agenda Committee.


MBA from Northeastern University (1993)