Jennifer Madonna

Director of Field Experiences and Licensure Officer


Jennifer Madonna is the Director of Field Experiences and Licensure in the Graduate School of Education as well as the Educator Preparation Licensure Officer and liaison to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  In this capacity, she oversees partnerships and placements for K-12 teacher candidates, as well as regulatory compliance for educator preparation programs across the university.  While in this role, Jennifer has served on the MA DESE Early Literacy in Educator Preparation Workgroup reviewing criteria for instruction of research based early literacy instruction in educator preparation programs, and has also served as a Higher Education Program Reviewer.   

Jennifer has served as part-time teaching faculty in the Graduate School of Education since 2012 on topics related to special education, ESL, professional competencies, 'culture, equity, power, and influence', classroom management, and community engagement and agency in education.   

Jennifer is licensed in both Massachusetts and Connecticut. She holds licensure in ESL, Moderate Disabilities, Elementary Education, Italian, SEI Endorsement (Teacher/Administrator), and holds her Principal/Assistant Principal license.  As a K-12 educator, Jennifer worked in communities including Boston Public Schools and Malden Public Schools, and has held positions as an ESL Specialist, Language Acquisition Team Facilitator, Special Education Reading Teacher, Special Education Liaison, SEI Lead Teacher, Italian Teacher, and New Teacher Mentor.

Jennifer was also a 2017 scholarship recipient from the Children's Dyslexia Centers of Greater Boston, and received training as a Certified Dyslexia Practitioner in the multi-sensory approach of Orton-Gillingham reading instruction (an International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) accredited program)

Her current research focuses on developing self-care and well-being in preservice candidates to lower the effects of praxis shock as a social justice initiative.  In addition, she holds interests in supporting children with dyslexia, twice exceptional students, and neurodivergence in non-native English speakers. 

Jennifer recently joined the Executive Board for the Massachusetts Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (MACTE) and is a member of the Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages (MATSOL). 

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EdD from Northeastern University (2024)
MS from Southern Connecticut State University (2007)
MSEd from University of Bridgeport (2005)
BA from Northeastern University (1999)