Lynda Hodgson

Associate Teaching Professor


Lynda S. Hodgson is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program. Her teaching and research interests include information and communications technology (ICT), management information systems (MIS), and technology acceptance models.

Dr. Hodgson’s recent publications include: “Harnessing Multimedia and Interactive-Assessment Technologies to Promote and Evaluate Cognitive Progression and Critical Thinking in the Classroom,” in International Journal of Case Method Research and Application; and “Using Digital Knowledge Management Tools to Influence Supply Chain Dynamics: Case Study of the Pitfalls and Unexpected Issues Encountered by a Large Organization,” in International Journal of Knowledge Culture and Change Management.

Dr. Hodgson was honored with the 2011–12 Professional Faculty Excellence Award and the 2009–10 Collateral Faculty Excellence Award.

Previously, Dr. Hodgson was an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, IT-Universitetet I Göteborg in Sweden, and Longwood College in Virginia. She served as a corporate consultant for Data Blueprint and Invensys, and worked in business-planning analysis at Electronic Data Systems and in strategic planning at Signet Bank (Capital One Financial).


PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University (1999)