Thomas Goulding

Professor of the Practice


Tom is a Professor of the Practice of Analytics at Northeastern University. He specializes in curriculum design, course development and mentoring faculty in the art of teaching novices and members of underrepresented communities.

He guided an $80M/year networking systems business to $300/year while achieving industry leading profitability. His team designed and installed the first digital circuit switched networks for the US public telco network. They developed the first fault tolerant, fully redundant tech control networks for: the Cheyenne Mountain Air Defense Network, VISA network and the Canadian power grid. He personally developed the mathematical algorithms and software prototype for the first smart artillery shell used in combat.

He has years of experience in medical device R&D for elder care communities and has over 40 research papers and conference presentations. He has taught widely in academia and grant support has come from Microsoft Research, the Coleman Foundation, Electronic Arts, the NSF and Microsoft XNA group.


Doctor_of_Mathematics from University of Florida (1971)