Justina Logozzo



Seasoned SEO professional with 7+ years of in-house and agency experience. Adept in revitalizing stagnant SEO strategies and transforming content creation processes while delivering key deliverables to stakeholders.


Master's_Degree from Northeastern University (2016)

Professional Experience

Thus far in her career, Justina has also successfully launched multiple SEO and digital marketing programs, in vastly different industries, all built to raise awareness within target territories as well as develop multiple social medias campaigns to create brand recognition among growing customer bases. In addition, most of her clients during her time in an agency experienced ~30-50% YTD growth in organic search traffic, viable lead conversions, and significant growth in keyword rankings.

Justina is Google Analytics and AdWords certified and she has four years of experience with various reporting and research platforms. She delivers custom monthly reports based on needs, goals set, and data collected. Additionally, she is a self-taught HTML and CSS coder with experience of building