Jewel Reuter



I have developed and managed innovative educational programs, school administrative strategies, and crisis preparedness. I have attained funding and developed appropriate professional development to support program deployment. No matter the circumstance, I am committed to using research and data-driven strategies to advance exciting and meaningful learning opportunities for students. Creativity, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (C-STEM) is my subject area expertise. My strategies for preschool through university graduate-level program development have shown to be effective with regular face-to-face and virtual instruction. Adapting various formats for teaching during a pandemic and other emergency is one of my specialty areas. The specific areas of COVID-19 pandemic mitigation and the development and implementation of a range of pandemic-appropriate learning management strategies have been a large portion of my work since January 2020. Because my program development reaches many students, I believe that I am making a difference in the future in these students' lives and the greater education community whether is it C-STEM or a pandemic-related program. 

I also have ten years of online teaching experience with high school students in AP Biology and environmental science as a founding educator with the Louisiana Virtual School (LVS). I also have ten years of face-to-face AP Biology experience with students ranging in age from first-year high school students through seniors. I was also a College Board Consultant and scored free-response answers. I have also developed, taught, and assessed high school programs, such as Students Take Action in Advance Research with university scientists. I supported the students with doing their research, writing their scientific papers, and making presentations at seminars and fairs. My use of digital portfolios allowed students to share their project work with others and advance their learning with project analysis. I helped students learn to self-advocate as they have difficulties.

My other education experience includes 10 cumulative years of higher education experience at Montana State University (MSU), Tulane University, and Hope College with advising and teaching students. During my eight years as a core faculty member at MSU, I was an online advisor and course instructor to more than 100 graduate students in the distance master’s program for science education, which included a formal capstone project.  Since the program had flexible admissions requirements, I counseled students that ranged from high achieving to at-risk.  I supported students with the preparation of their program of study, utilization of special resources for successful completion of course work, organization of study and personal time, and determination of future goals. Additionally, I simultaneously worked as a team faculty member and a program leader as I collaborated with both groups about course development and instructional strategies to advance student success and retention. During my work at Hope College, I worked with undergraduate biology students and consulted with faculty on the integration of academic technology into their courses.  I was also an advisor to an at-risk group of students in the Upward Bound Program.  Advancing innovative learning opportunities and strategies for the success of all students is the theme of my career’s work.


PhD from Louisiana State University (2005)