Juan Rivera Mata



Juan has a BA in Business and a Law degree from ICADE-UNED Madrid, Spain, an International MBA from Alliant University (San Diego, Ca.) and a Ph.D. in Management from UPO-Sevilla. Juan worked 20 years in the international pharmaceutical industry in more than 21 countries (Spain, Russia-CIS, Middle East, Africa, Switzerland, Europe) in sales, marketing and upper management and GM positions. Since 2000 he has been  working in consulting, teaching and research in international business and Leadership. He teaches since 2006 Global Competitiveness Leadership (GCL) and Innovation and Leadership in Government in Georgetown University and International Management (2001-2014) in UPO-Sevilla and leadership in Univ. Pacifico-Lima, Fund. Ortega y Gasset (Madrid) and others. He specialized in leadership in Harvard University KSG. Juan is member of International Leadership Association, Association of Leadership Educators, Center for Leadership Studies (Exeter University, UK) and  Board Member of WILL (Women Leadership in Latinamerica). He has designed, implemented and trained multiple leadership programs in Europe, Russia, US and Latinamerica, published 3 books and many articles, publications and presentations. Presently he is Ass. Prof. in International Business (Loyola University), Instructor of Global Leadership in Northeastern University (Boston) and Director of American Leadership Strategies LLC in Washington DC.


PhD from Universidad Metropolitana (2012)