Kristen Lee

Teaching Professor


Dr. Kristen Lee is a teaching professor who joined Northeastern as a part-time lecturer in 2009 and has served as full-time faculty since 2013. She is the lead faculty member in Behavioral Science within the Healthcare and BioTech domain, focused on integrating applications of behavioral science to strengthen human resilience. Dr. Lee’s research and teaching interests include individual and organizational well-being and resilience, particularly for marginalized and underserved populations. She serves as Faculty-in-Residence in International Village. She was recognized with the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2012.

Dr. Lee serves as a Global Resilience Institute Faculty Affiliate. Active on campus and in the media as an advocate for global mental health, particularly in educational and health contexts, Dr. Lee is a frequent conference presenter and author. Her 2014 book, Reset: Make the Most of Your Stress: Your 24-7 Guide for Well-Being, won Motivational Book of the Year in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. She is the author of best-selling Mentalligence: A New Psychology of Thinking: Learn What it Takes to Be More Agile, Mindful and Connected in Today's World, and Worth the Risk: Learn How to Microdose Bravery to Grow Resilience, Connect More, and Offer Yourself to the World, a 2022 Next Big Idea Club nominee. She is producer and host of Crackin' Up: Where Therapy Meets Comedy. She is a frequent contributor to Psychology Today and Thrive Global. Dr. Lee's work has been featured at Harvard University and on NPR, Forbes, Fast Company, and Ted. Her TedX talk, The Risk You Must Take, has over 409k views.

Dr. Lee is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker known for her advocacy in promoting increased mental health integration in social policies and institutions to facilitate access and improved health outcomes in the U.S. and across the globe. Dr. Lee, who earned her EdD from Northeastern and Master of Social Work degree from Boston University, speaks and consults with organizations around the world on how to use the science of behavioral change and human potential to build healthy mental health cultures that help prevent burnout and promote organizational and human sustainability. She has shared her expertise as a grant reviewer for U.S. federal agencies for over two decades.


EdD from Northeastern University (2011)

Professional Experience

22+ years psychotherapist in outpatient mental health

13+ years higher education

22+ years organizational consulting and training

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