Courtland Booth



I teach in the Leadership program at Northeastern, where I focus on supporting students who are pursuing their master's degree; I also teach courses such as "Transforming Organizations."  In addition, I teach and consult independently with clients on in order to develop organizational effectiveness, by advancing team leadership, communication, strategic planning, change management and culture.

I was a community educator for a public school district for over three decades, where I led and managed a wide variety of educational ventures with an entrepreneurial approach. I'm currently a project manager with Wachusett Mountain and a trainer with Hale Reservation. I earned my M.Ed. in Community Service Education and continued my graduate education at the National Training Labs and local universities. I have represented organizations such as Northeastern University, Project Adventure, Full Extension, Mage, Brimstone, Hale Reservation and Outward Bound with specialized training and consulting projects for a wide range of clients. Another of my passions is community-based, non-profit start-ups that serve emerging needs, where leadership is often a critical factor. I live in Concord, Mass. and serve on the Concord and Concord-Carlisle School Committees.


MEd from University of Massachusetts-Boston (1975)

Professional Experience

Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies, Boston MA: Lecturer/Professor (2006-present)
Wachusett Mountain Ski Area, Princeton MA: Project Manager (2016-present)
Hale Reservation, Westwood MA: Training and Facilitation (2005-present)
Concord-Carlisle School District, Concord MA: Community Education Director (1985-2016)
Northeastern University Warren Conference Center: Training & Consulting for corporate and non-profit clients (1995-2005)